Is It Normal for My Female Dog to Mount Another Female Dog?

By Eduarda Piamore, Expert in canine and feline psychology, education and training.. Updated: April 13, 2022
Is It Normal for My Female Dog to Mount Another Female Dog?

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Some dog behaviors, such as mounting, can make us uncomfortable and even embarrassed. However, it is important that you do not punish or suppress your dog for these behaviors, because they are perfectly normal. What may seem strange to us is often natural behavior in dogs. We tend to anthropomorphize our pets so much that we do not realize they are animals driven by their instincts. In a way, when we force them to behave like humans, we are not respecting their species, their language, and their social rules. Behaviors such as mounting other dogs or objects can reveal a lot about a dog's character and health.

In this AnimalWised article we explain all the reasons why a female dog might mount another female dog.

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Do female dogs mount too?

The answer is yes, females may hump just as commonly as males. Mistakenly, the act of mounting is usually associated with sexually active male dogs. Nevertheless, mounting is also common in female dogs, and we will discuss the various reasons for this behavior below. To determine what causes this behavior, we need to analyze the dog's environment, socialization, and health status.

As a general rule, you should always contact your veterinarian if you notice a change in your dog's behavior.

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Mounting as a sign of dominance

Mounting is often mistakenly thought of as dominant dog behavior, but it is very rare for a female dog to show dominance. Therefore, if your your female dog is exhibiting this behavior, there is very likely another explanation. Although, in some cases, female dogs will mount other overly active or playful female dogs to calm them down. As a general rule, dominant dogs do not usually exhibit aggressive behavior. Instead, they are confident and calm.

Is It Normal for My Female Dog to Mount Another Female Dog? - Mounting as a sign of dominance

Mounting due to self stimulation

We have come a long way on this topic, but pet sexuality is still taboo for humans. Sexual self-stimulation means that dogs also masturbate for pleasure or relief. Logically, this is not a perverted behavior, but a natural act of their species. The sexual development of a puppy is similar to that of a human baby. They tend to explore their own bodies, especially their reproductive organs. When your female dog is 6 or 7 months old, she may show more interest in mounting. This marks the beginning of her sexually active life. When they reach sexual maturity, both males and females dogs may mount for pleasure. This behavior usually persists even after sterilization.

Mounting due to stress or boredom

Humping may be a natural response to stress or excitement for some dogs. Anxiety, boredom, depression, hyperactivity, and other emotional imbalances are becoming increasingly common in dogs. As a result of stress or boredom, a dog accumulates excessive tension that must be relieved in some way. Dogs that have other mechanisms to deal with stress and social dominance may not hump as often as dogs that do not hump.

The main cause is usually a sedentary lifestyle or insufficient exercise. Humping can also be an attention-seeking behavior, especially when a dog is not getting enough exercise or affection.

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Is It Normal for My Female Dog to Mount Another Female Dog? - Mounting due to stress or boredom

Mounting due to health problems

Humping may also indicate possible medical problems, especially if it occurs suddenly. Urinary tract infections, allergies, and incontinence, as well as anything else that causes discomfort or licking in the genital area, can cause humping. Hormonal imbalances and autoimmune disorders can also be the cause of such behavioral changes.

Therefore, it is important to determine the cause of your animal's behavior to avoid more serious symptoms and progression of disease. See your trusted veterinarian as soon as possible to get an early diagnosis and improve your pet's overall health.

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Is It Normal for My Female Dog to Mount Another Female Dog? - Mounting due to health problems

Mounting due to socialization issues

It is also common for female dogs to mount due to inadequate socialization or education. Inadequately socialized pets may over-mount other dogs because they have not been taught to play well with others and may become overstimulated. It is also a very common problem in abandoned animals that have been physically or emotionally abused. Therefore, when you adopt a puppy, be sure to pay attention to its behavior and begin the socialization process immediately.

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Mounting due to stereotypy

If your dog compulsively mounts other dogs, people, objects or toys, you may be dealing with stereotypy, a behavior problem that can lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder. Stereotypy is often a sign that the animal is living in a poor environment or is malnourished. Stereotypy not only interferes with dogs' daily activities such as eating and playing, but it can also harm dogs that self-mutilate.

Please note that AnimalWised articles are for informational purposes only and are not a substitute for professional care from a veterinarian, ethologist or dog trainer.

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Is It Normal for My Female Dog to Mount Another Female Dog? - Mounting due to stereotypy

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Is It Normal for My Female Dog to Mount Another Female Dog?

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