Kurdish Names for Cats

By Janhvi Johorey, Psychologist specialized in animal therapy. Updated: April 26, 2017
Kurdish Names for Cats

Kurdish or (کوردی ) refers to a subset of languages originating in NW Iran and is spoken by the Kurds in the western part of Asia. Three dialect groups can be detected: the Northern Kurdish or Kurmanji, Southern Kurdish or Palewani and Central Kurdish or Sorani. Giving your feline companion a Kurd name makes her or him distinctive in so many ways. Read on to know more about the best Kurdish names for cats in this AnimalWised article.

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Kurdish: from Poetry to Language

A majority of the Kurds in Turkey speak Northern Kurdish or Kurmanji. This language was chiefly used by poets till the start of the twentieth century. A majority of the Kurds speak in Northern Kurdish dialect today. Central Kurdish is spoken in eastern and southern parts. Central Kurdish along with Arabic is also one of the 2 official Iraqi languages. Many different dialects and even languages are spoken by Kurds. Kurdish developed as a language between 2 to 4 thousand years ago. Northern Kurdish dialects, commonly called Kurmanji is spoken over Turkey, Syria and the Soviet Union and northern strips of Irani and Iraqi Kurdistan. This dialect is spoken by less than three-fourths of all Kurds, estimated at more than 15 million people or sixty-five percent of Kurds. Kurmanji is written in the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet. Central Kurd dialect Sorani is spoken by Kurds in Iran and Iraq. It is composed in the Arabic script. Many Arabic terms are also part of the dialect. Sorani is spoken by less than one-fourth of Kurds and has a systematic literary framework in place. The regional government of Kurdistan promotes both Kurmanji and Sorani as well as language diversity. Southern Kurdish is spoken primarily in Iran and Iraq encompassing 9 subdialects.

This great richness and its great array of hues makes it a great language to name your cat and give it a beautiful and meaningful name it will love.

Kurdish names for Male cats

Kurdish cat names according to their color

Is your tomcat ginger in color? Kurds have plenty of words related to the fire and sun, so Agrin, meaning fiery is the perfect Kurdish name for male cats with a daredevil temperament. Artin means “flame” and is another suitable name for your fiery cat.

If your cat is black, no other name could be perfect than Bahoz meaning storm in Kurdish or go for Birousk which means “lightning. if it's white or blondish” Choose Tiroj which means “sunlight” for a luminous cat. Tirej is a “ray of sunlight” and is a perfect name for a playful tomcat.

Kurdish cat names according to their character

If your cat is a bright bundle of joy, name him Awat which stands for Hope. If your tomcat is an independent minded one, choose Azad which means “free” in Kurd. Bilind or “high” is the perfect name for a tomcat that stands tall. A great name for your talented tomcat is Blimet. It means genius! Dilovan stands for “compassionate” and it is a Kurdish name for tomcats with a humane approach.

For a cat with heroic qualities, Egid (meaning “hero”) is the perfect name. Ejder or “dragon” is the perfect choice for your cat if it's a feisty one. Erdelan is another royal family name suited for cats with a majestic air. Govend is the right name for a dancing cat (it means “dance” in Kurdish).For a patriotic cat, the perfect Kurd name is Nishtman which means “homeland.” Piling or “lion” is a perfect name for your braveheart tomcat.

Kurdish Names for Cats - Kurdish names for Male cats

Kurdish Names for female cats

Kurdish names for female cats according to their physical traits

If you have a snowy white female cat, Befrin (meaning snow in Kurdish) is the right name for her. Bilese names flame in Kurdish, which is great if your cat is ginger. If the color of your cat matches that of the moonlight Trifa is a perfect name for your cat. Got a tortoiseshell female? Aske (which means “deer”), a perfect name to suit her as well as Rihana, meaning “flower” .

Another great name is Chiya, for a large female cat. It means “mountain” in Kurdish. Chuwan or “beautiful” in Kurdish is the perfect name for your dainty female cat. “Jiwani” which means beauty is also a suitable name for your feline friend.

Kurdish names for female cats according to their character

If your female cat is a is peace-loving kitty, Ashti, meaning peace, is right for her. Another beautiful name is “Daristan” which means Kurdish for forest. Diana is Kurdish for a “Roman Princess” and this is the perfect name for a royal feline. Heja (means “knowledgeable”) and Hiwa ,which means “hope” in Kurdish, are both beautiful names. Got a brave little feline, have you? Then choose Aza.

Kurdish Names for Cats - Kurdish Names for female cats

Unisex Kurdish names for cats

The following names are also beautiful and meaningful, no matter if your cat is male or female.

If your cat is wise beyond his years, Behez is the right name to choose. It means “wise” in Kurdish. For a cat with tremendous potential, Belen is the perfect moniker– it means promise in Kurdish. For the warm-hearted cat, Betin is the right name. It stands for “warm” in Kurdish. If your cat stands up to its convictions, the best moniker is Birwa. Equally awesome is the name Biryar which stands for “decision” in Kurdish. Another great name for your affectionate cat is Amez (Kurdish for “Hug”). If your cat is a gift for you, “Diyari” is the perfect moniker. For a cat who is the star performer of the show, Estere is the perfect option. For your musical or artistic cat, some good names are Stran (“song”) or Tablo (“painting”). Try Viyan which means “love” if you really adore your precious cat.

Nature gives us some of the most beautiful cat names in Kurdish.Another name suited for your radiant cat is Elend (Kurdish for “the first light of Sun in the mornings.”), a similar name to Hetaw, meaning “heat from the sun.”Shine meaning “breeze” is another great natural name. Shepol meaning “wave” is the perfect name. Vahar means “spring” and is a great name. Hawin or “summer” in Kurdish is the perfect choice for a sunny natured cat. Another great name for your pensive cat is Jihan, which means the universe or Rounak (which stands for “illuminated”) .

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Kurdish Names for Cats
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Kurdish Names for Cats

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