Geek Names for Cats

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By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 2, 2018
Geek Names for Cats

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There are many considerations when naming your pet. You want something which will represent the uniqueness of your cat, perhaps reflecting something about their physical appearance as much as their personality. However, you will also want something which reflects your own interests, preferences and history. If you are a self-confessed nerd, then it is likely these interests are far reaching. There is a whole world of sci-fi, fantasy, classical or whatever is your geek subject of choice to pick from.

When it comes to your final decision, using your favorite nerdy name for your cat isn't the only consideration to make. You will also need to choose one which is appropriate for your day to day. As the name you choose will help you bond together, you will want your cat to recognize their name. If you choose a word which is too common or too similar to words you use everyday, this can lead to confusion.

AnimalWised has our list of geek names for cats to get your thinking about a name for your feline friend. There are lots of ideas you can choose. Even better, we hope they might inspire you to come up with your own creative moniker.

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  1. What are geek names for cats?
  2. Geek names for female cats
  3. Geek names for male cats

What are geek names for cats?

If you were ever a fan of teen comedies, you may have been lead to believe that being a ‘geek’ is a bad thing. However, now that Black Panther is one of the biggest movies of the year and once obscure pop culture references are everywhere on the internet, being a geek is a badge of honor. This is because being a geek means you are interested in the alternative, the intellectual and the complex. It is often erroneously used to describe simply being a fan of something. True geeks are devotees, those who know comic book characters inside out or know enough quantum physics to be able to argue over the possibility of travelling at light speed.

For pet owners, bringing your cat into the household means making them part of the family. And if the family is a geek household, then giving your cat a geek related name makes perfect sense. These fun and original idea for cat names often come from characters or references enjoyed during adolescence. These can be from the world of literature, film, TV shows, science fiction, visual arts, history, science fact or even folklore. Of course, whatever subject you claim to be a nerd for can serve as inspiration, so get thinking about your favorites and see if they can be applied as a name for your cat.

Geek names for female cats

  • Leia: fans of the space epic Star Wars series may be inclined to choose a nerdy name for the most famous space princess of them all. With the recent passing of actress Carrie Fisher, it would also be a nice tribute and if they had brown ears like Leia's famous side buns, all the better. Of course you could also go for something more recent such as ‘Rey’ or even choose ‘Padmé’ if you think the prequels need more love than they have been getting.
  • Sappho: not so much pop culture as historical culture, this is for the classicists out there. Sappho of Mytilene was a Greek poet, thinker and artist whose work stood out in fields at the time predominated by men. Her bold, creative, energetic and persistent personality may be the perfect name for a kitty with similar traits. She is also a symbol of LGBTQ rights and female empowerment, so naming your cat Sappho may also help to show your support for these important issues.
  • Osha: a short geek name for cats, easy to pronounce, but perhaps dissimilar enough from common language, this is a great choice for ‘Games of Thrones’ fans. However, this is only one of many from this inventive franchise. Others include Olenna, Lyanna, Yara, Sansa, Cersei or Arya.
  • Arwen: another fantasy franchise which may provide inspiration for your geek name for a female cat is ‘Lord of the Rings’. Not as many as GOT, you can choose from Galadriel, Elanor, Éowyn or Shelob. However, Arwen is a beautiful name for a ‘noble maiden’ (the meaning of her name) and perhaps also for a beautiful cat.
  • Bellatrix: the ‘Harry Potter’ series of books and films have many strong female characters who might provide great geek cat names (Hermione, Luna, Nymphadora, Ginny, Minerva, Cho, etc.). However, Bellatric might be particularly good for a black female cat name thanks to the character's dark nature.
  • Misty: the close companion of Ash in the Japanese ‘Pokemon’ series, Misty could be a great name if you have a ginger cat thanks to her red hair. Other choices from the series could be Jynx, Chansey, Flabébé, Nidorina or Vullaby.
  • Shelley: Mary Shelley was a talented novelist who created Dr. Frankenstein and his famous monster. An elegant, creative, intelligent and pioneering woman, naming a cat after this great artist could be a great tribute.
  • Ripley: Lt. Ellen Ripley from the Alien movies is one of the most impressive characters in sci-fi, ideal for a female cat who is intelligent, active and full of courage.
  • Katniss: fans of the fantasy saga ‘The Hunger Games’ will know this name as its brave protagonist. Could also be a cheeky joke if your cat is a little tubby.
  • Satine: an unusual name from the movie ‘Moulin Rouge’, she is beautiful and full of attitude. Played by Nicole Kidman, one of Hollywood's most famous redheaded actors, another great one for a ginger kitty. Not the most geeky of names for cats, but great for those who are nerds about musicals.
  • Trynity: the enigmatic and courageous protagonist of the ‘Matrix’ trilogy of films played by Carrie-Anne Moss, a great choice for fans. Also well suited to black, especially one who is sleek and steadfast in their personality.
  • Maleficent: the best of the bad, Maleficent was played by the incomparable Angelina Jolie. A powerful, mysterious and sleek name for a similar cat.
  • Leeloo: this is the character played by Milla Jovovich in ‘The Fifth Element’. Strong, brave and somewhat stubborn, she pursues her mission and defends herself with confidence.
  • Carrie: perhaps a stranger one, this is a reference to the Stephen King character played by Sissy Spacek in the filmed version. She is treated horribly, but has her revenge. Perhaps good for a mischievous cat.
  • Eleven: from ‘Stranger Things’, this character is separated from her mother, but goes on to be a hero regardless. Perhaps one for a hairless cat since Eleven the character has a shaved head in the first series.
  • Sugar Kane: a golden oldie, this is Marilyn Monroe's character name from ‘Some Like it Hot’. Great for a glamorous kitty who might have a platinum blond color or who is evidently a star to anyone who comes across her.
  • Mystique: one of the most famous and interesting characters from the ‘X-Men’ franchise, could be a great choice for a cat with bluish hair and an enigmatic look.
Geek Names for Cats - Geek names for female cats

Geek names for male cats

  • Galileo: anyone interested in the history of science and astronomy will be aware of Galileo. The Italian polymath was important in moving modern thought towards a more scientific understanding of our world. A great thinker, he has left an impressive mark on humanity. If your cat is equally strong in personality, this could be a great name for your male cat.
  • Casanova: what Galileo was to science, Giacomo Casanova was to romance (or at least certain forms of it). An adventurer, diplomat, creative and libertine, Casanova was known for his mysterious charm and cad behavior. Perhaps your little charmer might suit this geek name also.
  • Pikachu: the most prominent ‘Pokémon’ creature is doubtless Pikachu. He is the firm friend of Pokémon catcher Ash Ketchum and anyone with a feline friend who is equally close might want to honor them with this name. Other Pokémon names include Ash, Brock, Charmander, Bulbasaur or Squirtle.
  • Caligula: one of the most peculiar Roman Emperors (a category of historic figures not lacking in peculiarity), he was a controversial, daring and rambunctious figure. If you have a cat with a similar voracious appetite and insatiable energy, Caligula might be the name for him.
  • Tiberius: Tiberius Julius Caesar (not to be confused with one of his predecessors Gaius Julius Caesar) was Caligula's adoptive grandfather and once brilliant solider. Later becoming a rather gloomy figure, his name nonetheless connotes nobility and power.
  • Anakin or Vader: there are few villains with such a complex relationship to fans as Darth Vader. As his journey across the divide of light and dark sides of the force became modern folklore, he is an unforgettable figure on the sci-fi landscape. Particularly good for black cats (who also breathe heavily).
  • Yoda: honoring the wise Jedi masters of ‘Star Wars’, Yoda is noble, sage, meditative and elderly. Perhaps your cat fits this description or perhaps some other Star Wars characters might suit your feline better: Han Solo, Mace Windu, Kenobi, Bobs, Erso, Chewbacca, etc. Perfect for those geeks who want to delve into obscurity rather than looking at the obvious ones.
  • Excalibur: the name of King Arthur's ‘magic’ sword, it is the epitome of strength, courage and nobility. Also, it is silver and shining, so could be good if you have a similarly silver kitty.
  • Bram: Abraham ‘Bram’ Stoker was the creator of the unforgettable Count Dracula. He was as eccentric as he was intelligent in his own life and prone to darkness. A mysterious male cat of your own might well suit this name.
  • Shrek: rude on the outside, charming on the inside, this could be a great name for a cat who takes a while to get used to you. As Ogres are known for their ugliness, perhaps your cat is also a bit of a bruiser in appearance, but is actually a sweetheart once you get to know them
  • Wolverine: yes, that one from ‘X-Men’. With his prominent whiskers and sharp retractable claws, this is a great one for long haired cats such as the Persian, especially if they also have Wolverine's grey color in their hair. Logan is a great alternative if you want something less cumbersome.
  • Severus: the enigmatic Professor Severus Snape is a strong and elegant name which may honor JK Rowling's famous character. A complex person, Snape is capable, intelligent and protective.
  • Neo: from the ‘Matrix’, Neo follows the white rabbit and finds himself in another version of reality. Perfect for an inquisitive cat with intelligence and bravery. Also particularly good for black cats.
  • Goku: ‘Dragon Ball Z’ is beloved by many fans who grew up with the Japanese tales of adventure. Goku has a particular hairstyle which may be shared by your cat, so it could be a perfect choice for a geek name for male cats with this appearance.
  • Tyrion: active, insightful, intelligent and, sometimes, hard headed, this ‘Game of Thrones’ character might just remind you of your cat.
  • Gandalf: there are more male characters in ‘Lord of the Rings’, so you have more choice if you have a boy tomcat. Gandalf in the series is initially known as Gandalf the Grey, but (spoiler kids) comes back to life in the form of Gandalf the White. This means cats of these colors may suit the name perfectly. Other male LOTR characters include Sauron, Frodo, Legolas, Aragorn or Gollum.
  • Marshmallow: from the movie ‘Frozen’, perhaps not a regal as some other names here, it could be the perfect one for your fluffy cat.
Geek Names for Cats - Geek names for male cats

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I loved your suggestions and maybe I made different choices if I thought when I adopted, but may 13 cats are named after movie’s/series characters: Marie, Neo, Cleopatra, Luke, Leia, J, Oliver, Allina (adaptation of Alien), Logan (Wolverine), Bruce (Wayne), Spock, Saitama (mangá) and Chloe (Decker from Lucifer).
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