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What Are the Best Treats for Cats?

María Besteiros
By María Besteiros, Expert veterinary assistant and canine/feline hairdresser.. February 28, 2022
What Are the Best Treats for Cats?

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If you have a cat at home, you probably think of rewarding it from time to time for its good behavior, for knowing a few tricks, or just for being adorable. However, there are so many ways to do this that it seems difficult to limit yourself to just one. Some of their favorite rewards include tasty treats, catnip, interactive play, and petting or grooming. However, the reward must be appealing to the specific cat, and may vary between cats.

In this AnimalWised article, we present the best treats for cats of any age or condition.

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  1. How do you choose the best prize for a cat?
  2. What are the best treats for cats?
  3. Other ways to reward a cat

How do you choose the best prize for a cat?

In this review of the best cat treats, we first consider all those treats that are intended for occasional consumption or, albeit daily, in small quantities. In other words, they serve as a supplement to food. To make a good choice, you should keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Be sure to read the label. Pay attention to the list of ingredients as well as the fine print, i.e., see what the manufacturer recommends for proper use and ingestion. This will ensure that it is an appropriate reward for your cat.

  • The composition should be natural, meaning it should contain only a few recognizable ingredients. For example, chicken, tuna, turkey, etc. Avoid long lists and additives.

  • Ingredients like sugar should never be included in a cat's food. Instead, cats should avoid them.

  • You should be careful with treats that contain milk, because not all cats tolerate it.

  • Ideally, treats should not exceed 10% of a cat's daily caloric intake, otherwise we would encourage weight gain.

  • You may need to try several treats before you find the one your cat loves. Be sure to buy small quantities, at least until you find the right one. This will help you avoid spoiling the treat or having to throw it away.

If you are interested in this topic, keep reading this article to find which are the best treat dispensers for cats.

What are the best treats for cats?

In this section, we look at the most recommended prices from the wide selection based on our general recommendations for choosing a price for your cat:

Cookies for cats

There's no doubt that the most well-known edible reward is the cookie, which is small and crunchy, and sometimes even stuffed with a creamy filling. In addition, there are a variety of options for cats of all types, as well as a variety of flavors. This versatility makes them an important option to consider when choosing the best treats for cats. Plus, these rewards are easy to store and tend to last a very long time.

Since they are small, cats can easily pick them up and use them for both training and rewards. Yes, cats can learn tricks and prizes serve as incentives and positive reinforcement that encourages them to repeat the desired behavior.

To learn more about how to train a cat using positive reinforcement, do not miss this article on can cats be trained?

Cat bars or cat sticks

The so-called bars or sticks are another excellent edible prize. They are usually marketed in small or easily divided portions. They are easy to eat and easy to maintain. The consistency is variable, so there are harder or softer bars. Just like cookies, there are different flavors and varieties for each type of cat.

Cat paste or cat cream

This category includes edible prizes, which are distinguished from cookies and bars by their soft consistency. Paste, creams, or even sauces fall into this category. One of the best prizes for cats in this group is malt paste. Malt paste for cats is a paste with a similar color and texture to dark honey, except with a denser texture. It is mainly composed of vegetable oils, vegetable fats, malt extract, added fiber, dairy products and yeast. Perhaps not all caregivers included it in the list of best prizes for cats because it is used more as a medicine to promote healthy digestion than as a reward. However, as long as the cat enjoys it, there is no reason not to use it as a reward.

There are also creams that come in a variety of flavors and types. It is usually given directly to the cat by putting a small amount on our finger or placing it on a cat's leg so that it can lick it up and eat it. Lastly, sauces, which also have a soft consistency, are often added to moisten the dry food or to make it more flavorful.

If you want to know more about soft treats for cats, then keep reading our article on malt paste for cats.

Special Cat Treats

A list of the best cat prizes should also take into account information such as consistency, method of administration, and characteristics of the cat. Thus, there are prices for kittens and older cats of different ages.

In addition, there are prizes for cats with health problems, such as those with diseases of the digestive tract or urinary tract, obesity, poor coats, stress and dental problems. It is important to remember that these types of prizes are not medications and will not cure your cat no matter how much you give it. Follow your veterinarian's recommendations in these cases.

What Are the Best Treats for Cats? -

Other ways to reward a cat

In our review of the best prices for cats, we point out that cats can also be rewarded with other types of treats that are not necessarily edible. For example, you can reward your cat with the following:

  • Catnip: Catnip is a common herb and belongs to the mint family. Cats have an additional olfactory organ, the vomeronasal gland, which conducts odors from the nose and mouth to the brain. The active ingredient in catnip mimics feline sex hormones, so cats exposed to this substance exhibit behaviors such as affection, relaxation, and happiness, or behave in active ways, such as playful or aggressive. To know more about these plants and its effects on cats, keep reading this article on the properties of Catnip.

  • Toys: Your cat's play time isn't just for fun; it's also important for his or her healthy development, keeping him or her active and entertained. This is especially true if your cat lives inside and doesn't get much stimulation. Although different toys have different goals, they all have one thing in common: they heighten your cat's senses and help it maintain a healthy weight, especially if the toy encourages jumping and bouncing. If you are interested in learning more about cat's favorite toys, then do not miss this article on 5 toys cats love.

  • Massages: It is one of the most effective ways to show your love to your cat. And in return, your cat can reciprocate with petting and purring. A general rule of thumb is that friendly cats like to be touched in the places where their facial glands are located, such as the base of the ears, under the chin, and on the cheeks. You should also pay attention to the cat's posture and behavior when you interact with them, to ensure they are comfortable. If you wish to know more about how to properly pet a cat, then keep reading this article on best places to pet a cat.
What Are the Best Treats for Cats? - Other ways to reward a cat

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What Are the Best Treats for Cats?