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What Do I Do With My Cat If I Go On Vacation?

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. July 18, 2018
What Do I Do With My Cat If I Go On Vacation?

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Before adopting a cat, or any other animal, it is very important to take into account all the responsibilities that this adoption entails. In particular, where to leave your cat when you go on vacation is an issue that cannot be overlooked.

We are aware that feline health can be adversely affected when their guardians go on vacation, specifically if their care is not adequately provided. For this reason, in this AnimalWised article we will share our recommendations on where to leave a cat on when you go on vacation. We aim to put emphasis on the importance of their welfare and advise you on how long you can leave your cat alone.

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  1. Where to leave my cat on vacation?
  2. Leaving cats while on vacation
  3. Can I leave my cat alone for a weekend?
  4. Where to leave my cat when I go on vacation

Where to leave my cat on vacation?

Many people believe that the seemingly independent personality of the cat allows it to be left alone at home without any problems. However leaving a cat at home alone is not advised! Cats require daily attention and leaving them with ''enough'' food or water is not sufficient. As with dogs, domestic cats need someone to take care of them and supervise them, making sure that everything is in order. They need someone with them to constantly play with and administer to their needs. It is true that not all cats take well to human contact, especially strangers, but this does not mean that we should not give them adequate attention.

For these reasons, there are different options that can be taken into consideration to ensure our cat is safe at home alone. These options include leaving them with a friend, neighbor or for temporary lodging in a cat residence.

Leaving cats while on vacation

The most common option among tutors is to leave the cat at home and ask someone you trust to visit and care for them a couple of times a day. Undoubtedly, the best environment for a cat is their own home, therefore, it is always advisable to leave your cat at home on vacation. They must however, always be under surveillance. We must put emphasis on the fact that you should NOT leave your cat at home alone while you go on vacation.

Cats are very susceptible to change, so taking them to an unknown place, whether it's a friend's house or a feline residence, will most likely result in the development of stress and anxiety. Unless your cat is very sociable and adapts easily to different environments, we discourage this option.

Feline ethologists and psychologists advise choosing to leave your cat at your home with a friend or someone you trust. You can ask a friend to live at your house for the time while you are away. Cats are also very susceptible to separation anxiety, therefore, having someone in the house while their guardians are away, will aid in deterring this.

Recommendations to leaving a cat at home on vacation

As it is not always easy to find someone willing to live in your house during your absence, if you choose to have someone visit your cat daily instead, it will be essential for them to;

  • Clean the sandbox.
  • Change their food and clean their feeder.
  • Renew their water
  • Play with the cat.
  • Give medication (if necessary).

Since cats are very sensitive, it is common to notice that cats stop eating during the absence of their owners. This fasting can result in health consequences, such as: hepatic lipidosis or kidney problems. For this reason, in addition to the above, we highlight the necessity of insisting that the person looking after your cat makes sure that your cat is eating and drinking.

Water consumption is essential and if a cat's drinking fountain or water is dirty, your cat may not drink. By not drinking your cat can suffer from symptoms of dehydration. In general, cats prefer to drink from water sources. They favor this drinking method because moving liquid shows them that the water is cleaner.

Their litter box should be cleaned daily and it is essential that all this information is transferred to the person in charge of caring for the cat.

If no one can live at your house, we recommend asking a friend or family member if they can go to your house for a minimum of two hours a day, at least. You can also consider hiring a professional to stay at your house while you are away. There are currently many available independent services such as this and some veterinarian clinics provide this service. If you do consider this option, make sure that the person you hire is responsible and prioritizes the welfare of the animal.

In addition, if your cat is very susceptible to stress, we recommend investing in a pheromone diffuser (Feliway). These diffusers aim to calm and relax a cat's environment.

What Do I Do With My Cat If I Go On Vacation? - Leaving cats while on vacation

Can I leave my cat alone for a weekend?

No, you cannot leave your cat alone for a weekend. We do not advise leaving your cat alone for more than a day. Many things can happen in one weekend and if your cat falls ill or is threatened, they need someone there to take them to the vet. Something as simple as a cat overeating can result in dangerous health consequences.

Where to leave my cat when I go on vacation

If your cat is outgoing, very sociable and adapts easily to other environments, you have a third option. You can leave your cat at a cat-care residence/ feline hostel. In addition to having the constant attention it needs, it will also be able to interact with other cats.

We strongly recommend this option for felines that require daily medical treatment. Many of these residences include 24 hour veterinary treatment.

This option however is not recommended for shy and unsociable cats.

What to keep in mind when choosing a feline residence?

The needs of your cat are the most important thing to consider when choosing a feline residence. There are currently many residences that offer various services and amenities. Therefore, it is best to check each of their services and ensure that they adapt well to your feline. Make sure they; offer permanent care, quality food, play sessions and, ultimately, care about their welfare of the animal. In order to be sure of the service, you can ask your veterinarian for a reference!

What Do I Do With My Cat If I Go On Vacation? - Where to leave my cat when I go on vacation

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What Do I Do With My Cat If I Go On Vacation?