10 Signs of a Balanced Dog

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. September 5, 2017
10 Signs of a Balanced Dog

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When we speak of emotional balance, we are referring to the ability of a living being that can offer appropriate emotional responses within their environment. But what are the characteristics of a balanced dog? What prevents a dog from being balanced?

In this AnimalWised article we will show you 10 characteristics of a balanced dog. If your dog meets them all, congratulations, your pet could be an excellent therapy dog!

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1. They are in good health

A dog cannot be balanced if they do not possess a good state of health, something essential for them to exercise, to relate correctly to animals and people or to perform natural behaviors. Apart from good health, the dog's life must comply with the five freedoms of animal welfare, which also includes comfort and emotional well-being.

10 Signs of a Balanced Dog - 1. They are in good health

2. They are well socialized

A balanced dog should be able to relate to people, but also with other dogs, animals, the environment in which they live or with the objects that are part of their daily life. Socialization is a process that takes place in the puppy stage and prevents the appearance of fears or bad habits.

3. They are psychologically stable

Balanced dogs stand out for having a stable behavior, but it is not just about being able to stay calm. A balanced dog maintains lower levels of alteration than other dogs and are not easily overexcited.

At times, it is the owners who over-excite the dogs, causing them to lose control of the situation. Therefore, it is always advisable to act calmly, even if it is an effusive moment.

10 Signs of a Balanced Dog - 3. They are psychologically stable

4. They avoid unnecessary confrontations

Scary dogs or those who have not been correctly socialized may become unpredictable and disproportionate in the face of a situation they consider dangerous. By contrast, balanced and self-confident dogs avoid unnecessary confrontation and respond proportionally.

5. They are able to concentrate, at least for 5 minutes

Dog training sessions usually last between 5 and 15 minutes at the most, to correctly capture the dog's attention and get the most out of it. However, a dog who is not able to concentrate 5 minutes (unless they are a puppy) does not indicate balance. On the contrary, it can mean that they suffer from stress or hyperactivity.

10 Signs of a Balanced Dog - 5. They are able to concentrate, at least for 5 minutes

6. They are well acquainted with their owner

A responsible owner is able to interpret canine language or dog body language and provide the proper care to their dog, which allows for good rapport, something essential in a balanced dog.

7. They adapt to different environments

As we have explained earlier when mentioning socialization, the dog must be able to remain stable in different environments, even though they may be somewhat stressful or uncomfortable for them.

10 Signs of a Balanced Dog - 7. They adapt to different environments

8. They are easy to motivate

Motivation is one of the qualities most appreciated in the dog, also essential in a balanced dog. Motivation responds to the desire to satisfy a need, either for ourselves or to them-self. Stable dogs will also have desire for gameplay, that allows us to motivate them easily.

9. They are very reliable

Although it is not possible to 100% assure that a dog is totally reliable, it can be assumed that they are very reliable when they have demonstrated with the passage of time all the points detailed in this article.

10 Signs of a Balanced Dog - 9. They are very reliable

10. They have no behavioral problems

The various behavioral problems that dogs suffer, such as destructiveness, separation anxiety or aggressiveness indicate that something is not going well and of course the dog is not balanced. It is important to emphasize that these behaviors are not always caused by bad education or management by the owner, but in any case they should go to a canine educator or ethologist.

A balanced dog will enjoy a positive emotional state, of physical and mental well-being and will not suffer behavioral problems that alter their character or behavior.

Is your dog balanced?

If your dog does not meet these 10 characteristics they are probably not completely balanced. Therefore, do not stop working with them, take care of them and offer them everything they need, so that their levels of well-being improve and they can become a happier, more balanced dog.

10 Signs of a Balanced Dog - Is your dog balanced?

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10 Signs of a Balanced Dog
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10 Signs of a Balanced Dog

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