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10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You

Amy McCready
By Amy McCready, Animal rights journalist. Updated: October 18, 2017
10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You

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The way cats express their feelings is very different from humans or other animals. They have a very particular character and it is not always clear what they want to communicate with their body language. But thanks to this article from AnimalWised, from now on you will know the 10 signs that your cat loves you.

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  1. If your cat loves you
  2. If they approach you and raise their tail
  3. If they purr
  4. If they bring you a gift
  5. If they headbutt you
  6. If they nibble you
  7. If they show you their belly
  8. If they blink slowly
  9. If they sleep with you
  10. If they lick you
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If your cat loves you

The first sign that your cat loves you is their kneading. According to experts, baby cats knead their mothers' belly to increase the production of breast milk and strengthen their bond. So, when your cat kneads your legs, they are showing you that they love you. This is because they remember the act and repeat the behavior they had when they were babies and were happy with their mother.

10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You - If your cat loves you

If they approach you and raise their tail

One of the most reliable ways to know the emotional state of your cat is by looking at their tail. When they are nervous or scared, their tail tends to puff up. If a cat brushes against you and lifts their tail and twists the tip, it means that they really love you. This behavior is common in a group of cats when they feel comfortable and calm, so if your pet does it, you should feel lucky!

If they purr

Cats have different ways of purring depending on their mood. Just as people have different voices, cats also vary the intensity of tone and vibrations to express their feelings. If yours purrs either intensely and deeply or softly while they are close to you (when you caress them, for example), they are showing their love. They are incredibly comfortable and relaxed in that moment with you.

10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You - If they purr

If they bring you a gift

As unpleasant as it may seem, another sign that your cat loves you is when they bring you a dead animal in the form of a present or gift. This behavior is a consequence of their predatory nature and we should not repress this. They are showing us that they consider us part of their family and share their hunted pray so that we can eat like them.

If they headbutt you

When cats headbutt you or rub their head against yours, it means they love you! This is the part of their body where they have glands that secrete the biggest amount of pheromones; the hormones used to mark possession and territory. They are trying to tell you that you are a part of their family and they think you are close to them. This is the opposite of thinking you own them since we need to remember cats can't be domesticated for their wild nature, just trained.

10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You - If they headbutt you

If they nibble you

Another sign that indicates your cat loves you is when they nibble you. If your cat bites you abruptly and intensely, this is not a good sign. But, if they nibble on your fingers and it tickles, they are simply playing with you, as they would with a fellow cat. Therefore, they don't consider you hostile, but someone well loved and that provides them with peace and company.

If they show you their belly

If your cat is on their back showing you their belly, they feel protected and above all, they trust you. A cat's belly is one of the most vulnerable parts of their body and they are not taught to show defenseless to anyone. So if your cat shows you his belly to caress or scratch you, do not doubt that he really loves you and feels safe with you.

10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You - If they show you their belly

If they blink slowly

The fact that your cat stares at you does not mean that they are challenging you consider you as their enemy. Even more so when they accompany that look with a slow and soft blink. What that behavior really means is that you have their affection. They feel very calm and secure at your side because they know you will never hurt them. Some say that this act is the way that cats can "kiss", so reciprocate this signal with much love.

If they sleep with you

Cats also show that they love you when they sleep next to you or on top of you, on your lap for example. Just like when they teach you belly, while the cats are sleeping they are more vulnerable than if they are awake, so if they seek you to sleep with you it is because they trust fully in you. Also, they love to sleep accompanied in a warm place, like when they are babies, so if they do with you, you should feel flattered.

10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You - If they sleep with you

If they lick you

The last sign that indicates that your cat loves you, but not least, is when they lick some part of your body like hands, ears or hair. And if your cat fights you just like with fellow cats, you can feel honored. This means that they love you and that is why they feel the need to take care of you and cleanse you like they do with others.

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Toni Roderick
My kitten and it's mother likes to sleep at the foot of the bed......and kneed the bed before laying down.
I think my cat loves me, Because he literally does some of them. He's not really the type to lay around and show his stomach. But he likes rolling around and loves to play. He purrs too
mark tufts
my cat also likes to cuddle with me
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10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You