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What do you get when you cross a Yorkshire Terrier with a Chihuahua? You get this adorable dog breed called Chorkie. They are not only small and cute dogs but also very easy to care for.

Are you thinking of adopting a Chorkie? Read this AnimalWised breed sheet to learn about this breed. We'll go through their history, characteristics, care, health and more!

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  1. Origin of the chorkie
  2. Chorkie characteristics
  3. Chorkie character
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  5. Chorkie training
  6. Chorkie health

Origin of the chorkie

Although the exact time and place of the appearance of the first Chorkie puppies is unknown, they are believed to have made their first appearance in the early 90s. It is also believed that they were made by crossing the Yorkshire Terrier with a Chihuahua to achieve a similar breed with better health.

As with many other hybrid breeds, the Chorkie has not been recognized as an independent breed but has been accepted by the American Hybrid Canine Club.

Chorkie characteristics

Chorkies are small dogs, weighing between 4 - 5 kilograms. Their height ranges from 15 - 23 centimeters at the withers. Their coat is smooth and their most common colours are brown, black, gold and gray.

The body of the Chorkie dog is rectangular in shape, while their head is rounded. Their head resembles that of a Chihuahua more than that of a Yorkshire, although the distribution of its fur on the face makes it more like the Yorkie to the naked eye. It has large ears, which are more or less erect depending on the dog, being triangular in shape and covered with hair. Their eyes are equally large, usually dark in color, while their nose is small and also dark.

Surely, if we see a Chorkie puppy, what will be most striking is to see how small it is. These dogs are extremely delicate in their puppy stage, so we have to monitor their health at all times. Chorkies at this age are playful and, just as they will be as adults, awake, active and very sociable. They have an average lifespan of 10 -15 years, although this will depend on the quality of their care.

Chorkie character

Chorkies have a very special character, being remarkably autonomous and independent. However, they need constant affection, otherwise they will begin to suffer high levels of anxiety and begin to develop destructive behaviour.

They get along well with people, however, they are not the best breed for families with young children as they are too restless and impatient. Their relationship with other animals is not always good as they can be aggressive at times. The best thing for a good coexistence is to well socialise your Chorkie from their puppyhood.

Chorkie care

When it comes to caring for a Chorkie, they are quite easy to care for. Other than a high quality diet and exercise, this breed needs a lot of affection. They will also need to have their hair brushed once a day. Baths are restricted only to when they really need one. Keep in mind that they are very sensitive to low temperatures. You will also need to keep up with their dental hygiene and their veterinarian check-ups.

Chorkie training

Just like any other dog, Chorkies will need to be properly socialised as a puppy. By interacting with different dogs, people and experiencing different environments they will be able to have a balanced temperament as adults.

Other than that, Chorkies will benefit from basic dog training through positive reinforcement. Teaching them basic commands will not only be entertaining for them but it can also help keep them safe in certain situations. By using positive reinforcement you make sure that your dog is having a good time and bonding with you.

Chorkie health

Chorkies are generally healthy dogs. This is common in hybrid breeds as the conditions pure dogs are prone to disappear. This is exactly the case when it came to the Chorkie. They have much better health than Chihuahuas and Yorkshire Terriers. Despite this advantage, they are prone to skin health issues. Therefore, we must be careful when it comes to caring for their skin and take them to the veterinarian as soon as we see an abnormal behaviour.

Apart for that, we need to keep up to date to their deworming and vaccination schedule. Regular check-ups to the veterinarian are also beneficial.

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