When thinking of dog breeds, we need to understand that even within a given family, some dogs will be more dominant than others. This is due to the social group of dogs, known as a pack. In the wild, packs have dominant females and males which help them to order their group and best deal with their environment. However, when humans adopt a domesticated dog breed, it is important that the human is the dominant one. This is not only helpful for the human family (and their belongings), but it is important for the well-being of the dog.
Some dog breeds will more easily cede their dominance, but it is important to know this has little to do with size. Some small dog breeds will be much less willing to give up dominant traits, while some large dog breeds will happily play second fiddle. The most important thing when thinking of dominant dog breeds is to ensure all of their care needs are met so that they do not feel they should dominate you because you are not providing what they need. If a dog is trying to dominate in a family, they can turn aggressive.

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