Straight-haired dog breeds may have a long, soft and shiny coat. On the contrary however, they maybe also have a short and hard coat. Some dog breeds with straight and long hair include; the long-haired collie, Yorkshire Terriers or a Bearded Collie. Dog breeds with short straight hair, include the smooth-haired Fox Terrier, Spanish Greyhounds or Welsh Corgi Pembrokes. For more information on each individual breed, keep reading our list here at AnimalWised, on straight haired dog breeds with either long or short haired.
After reviewing the different dog breeds with straight hair, one can observe that the fact of having straight hair does not necessarily mean it does not need to be brushed. Thus, dogs with straight and long hair should be brushed daily to avoid the formation of knots or tangles; keeping their mantle smooth, soft and shiny. Dogs with straight and short hair, on the other hand, only need to brushed two to three times a week with the aim of removing dead hair. If you think you have found the best straight haired dog breed, suitable for your family, we recommend reading more in order to find out about their required care, diet and training.

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