Curly-haired dog breeds have a particularity that most dog breeds do not have: their fur does not stop growing. For this reason, we recommend that if you adopt a curly haired dog, you take it to a canine hairdresser regularly to get its hair cut. This is necessary in order to prevent knots from forming, keeping its coat soft. But why does a dog with curly hair have a non-stop growing mantle? Very simple, because they do not shed. This is why curly haired dogs are perfect companions for people who do not like hair everywhere. Some dog breeds with curly hair, include Poodles, Airedale Terriers or Bichon Frise. To discover more curly haired dog breeds, keep reading this AnimalWised article for more.
Curly-haired dog breeds should be brushed at least once a day. This is mainly because their mantle has a higher tendency of forming knots and tangles. These knots need to be avoided, as they can be annoying and painful for a dog. In addition, we suggest opting for special cosmetic products specific to this type of hair; containing moisturizing properties aimed at preventing dryness. Before adopting any curly haired dog breed, we recommend reading more here about their required diet, training, care and more!

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