Dog Is Spotting Blood When in Heat

María Besteiros
By María Besteiros, Expert veterinary assistant and canine/feline hairdresser.. February 28, 2024
Dog Is Spotting Blood When in Heat

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Some of us might be looking for something to help with dog period blood spotting since it can leaves stains on the ground, soft furnishings and other areas. However, it is important to know that dogs don't have a period. This is because they don't have a menstrual cycle like humans. Instead, they go through their estrus cycle, something more commonly known as the dog going into heat. This occurs every 5-6 months in female dogs and is accompanied by various symptoms. These include whining, greater need for affection, vulval inflammation and blood spotting.

At AnimalWised, we look at what to do if a dog is spotting blood when in heat. We provide some practical accessories which your dog can wear to help protect your home and reduce discomfort in your dog.

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  1. Dog panties for heat
  2. Dog diapers
  3. Dog panties with removable pads
  4. Compresses for dogs in heat
  5. Pee pads or training pads
  6. Dog throw blankets
  7. Homemade dog panties or diapers
  8. Caring for dogs in heat with bloody discharge

Dog panties for heat

Blood spotting during the heat period is a common reason why a dog keeps licking her private area. The hormonal increase associated with the estrus cycle causes the dog's genitals to swell, resulting in an inflamed vulva and some bleeding. Despite being a normal process, it can cause discomfort in the dog. She will want to mate with a male, but if we do not allow her, she will have to be patient until the heat cycle is complete.

In addition to the effects on the animal, we will have to experience the signs of heat in dogs. This can include whining, being overly affectionate, trying to escape and other symptoms. It can be troubling to see our dog being frustrated, but there is little we can do to help them. We will also want to avoid stains from the dogos blood spotting when in heat. Since this blood comes from her genitals, it can be left anywhere she sits or lies down.

Various commercial manufacturers have created practical accessories to help with blood spotting when a dog is in heat. One is a type of fabric panty which can be placed around the dog's rear to soak up any blood. This will prevent the blood from staining surfaces and furnishings, as well as providing comfort to the dog.

Cloth panties are designed so the tail can be left free to wag at will. The rest covers the entire rear, meaning their genitals and anus. Since they are made of cloth, they are reusable and can be washed. They are usually fastened with velcro, metal snaps, buckles or elastic. Elastic and velcro panties tend to be the most comfortable for the dog. Regardless, you will need to accustom them to using panties for blood spotting. Use positive reinforcement for fogs to ensure they don't associated it with negative emotions.

Although heat panties for dogs are hygienic, we recommend providing extra comfort by placing a disposable pad between the panty and the dog's vulva. This way, it can soak up additional vaginal discharge from the dog and make washing between uses easier. You should be able to purchase these panties from your local pet store, but you can also use the link below to buy them online:

Dog Is Spotting Blood When in Heat - Dog panties for heat

Dog diapers

Dog diapers are very similar to those used by babies, but they are adapted for use in canines. This means they have a space for the tail, similar to cloth dog panties. These diapers are not necessarily used for blood spotting when a dog is in heat. They are also used for incontinence in dogs, making them particularly useful for senior or elderly dogs with health issues.

Since they are designed to absorb a lot of liquid, they can be quite bulky. This means they may not be the most comfortable for your dog, nor are they always the most secure. They are usually fastened with an adhesive strip, similar to disposable diapers for babies. Cloth panties are also more ecological since you can reuse them. If you still want to purchase disposable dog diapers you can use the link below:

Dog panties with removable pads

A modification of the previous panties for dogs in heat are these dog period pants have removable pads. This option has a special pad which can be inserted before use to soak up blood and discharge from the dog in heat. They can also be used of the dog has discharge for any other reason, such as a uterine infection. The pad acts as a compress and is particualarly useful when the dog is sitting down.

They have an opening for the tail and are usually fastened with some sort of a clasp. One of the main benefits of these over cloth panties for dogs is that they minimize the amount of material required. They cover less of the dog's rear and can make them more mobile. They are also more adjustable for your specific dog's needs. This means they might be particularly useful if you have a very active dog that is in heat.

If you want to purchase these for yourself, you can use the link below:

Dog Is Spotting Blood When in Heat - Dog panties with removable pads

Compresses for dogs in heat

These can be used in the previous panties designed for dogs in heat, but they can also be found in different variations. Found in different size and levels of absorption, you can use different types depending on your dog's needs. This can help reduce discomfort and make them less bulky for when the dog needs to move around a lot.

Learn more about maintaining your dog's hygiene during your dog's estrus cycle with our article on whether you can bathe a dog in heat.

Pee pads or training pads

Most often used for puppies during potty training, these pads are not worn on the dog directly. They can be placed in strategic places around the home to limit stains. Although most commonly used on the floor, they can be placed on the couch when you are relaxing with the dog to protect your furnishings. We cannot train the dog to use them when spotting since they will not know when this happens.

There are pee pads of different sizes and qualities. They should be highly absorbent since they are designed to soak up urine. In addition to the sofa or the floor, we can place them on the dog's bed to protect them when they are sleeping. They are not as comprehensive a solution as panties, but they can be useful for dogs who don't tolerate wearing panties or diapers when in heat.

Use the link below to purchase absorbent puppy pads:

Dog Is Spotting Blood When in Heat - Pee pads or training pads

Dog throw blankets

They fulfill the same function as the puppy pads. This is because they can be used to protect furniture and other surfaces when the dog is using them during blood spotting episodes. Protection is provided when they are placed directly under the dog.

The advantage they have is that it is not as easy for the dog to break as the puppy pads. Dogs often scratch before they lie down, so they can damage the puppy pads if they do so on them. You should purchase one which has a fabric side and a plastic protective side. This means the dog can be comfortable, but the furnishings are protected from leakage. They come in different sizes and can be washed in the machine.

Homemade dog panties or diapers

So far we have examined commercial options, but you can also make your own protectors at home when a dog is blood spotting during heat. You won't have to buy them from a retailer and they can be adapted to your dog's specific needs.

Made using leftover material, old clothes or similar fabric, you can create panties for your dog's needs. You simply cut out a pattern which allows you to wrap around the dog's rear. Cut a hole for the tail, but make sure it is reinforced so it doesn't tear easily. You can then pale an absorbent pad over the vulva area and wrap it tight to hold in place. This means you can dispose of the pad and reuse the diaper.

Dog Is Spotting Blood When in Heat - Homemade dog panties or diapers

Caring for dogs in heat with bloody discharge

We have seen, there are many options to help keep a dog hygienic when they are blood spotting during heat. Dogs will usually keep themselves clean by licking any blood or other discharge. However, they will not always know when they are experiencing discharge. This means we should provide some additional help to ensure our dog's well-being when they are in heat.:

  1. Check the panties or diaper: if we choose to use any of the options provided above, you will need to check the panty or diaper regularly. If we leave the soiled panties or pads for too long, it can be a breeding ground for bacteria. We will also need to ensure we remove them when the dog needs to relieve themselves. Be careful when around males as they will be attracted to the female in heat.

  2. Trim hair in the area: for dogs with longer hair, it is advisable to trim it in the area around the vulva to improve ventilation and hygiene.

  3. Clean with dog wipes: if we see dirt on the body, especially in the genital area or the hind legs, it is best to clean the local area. We can use a clean cloth or a specific wipe for dogs.

It should be noted that if dog is bleeding a lot during heat or bleeding when not in heat, it may be a sign of a problem. If we see signs of infections such as a bad odor or green discharge from the dog's privates, we will need to speak to a veterinarian immediately. Healthy dogs in heat will have a little blood spotting, so look out when there is problematic discharge.

Although these tips will help to protect your dog when they are spotting during heat, prevention is better than treatment. We recommend spaying your dog if they are not going to breed. This has many benefits. Spaying avoids unwanted pregnancies, stops problematic behavior during heat and can eliminate certain diseases and health problems related to reproduction. It is a kind thing to do to a companion dog and helps extend their life expectancy.

Complications from this procedure are rare, but you can weigh the advantages with our article on why a spayed dog is bleeding from her privates.

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Dog Is Spotting Blood When in Heat