Dog Names for Border Collies

Graham Harper
By Graham Harper, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. June 26, 2017
Dog Names for Border Collies
Border Collie

Animal file: Border Collie

The Border Collie is one of the most intelligent and unique breeds that exists. They have an intellect far superior to the others accompanied by great beauty and loyalty to their herd and family. Historically these dogs are shepherds, specialists in guiding and controlling cattle and their gaze is so penetrating that it can hypnotize anyone.

Having one of these puppies at home requires a lot of effort as they need constant physical activity, play and attention. They have a very faithful and intense personality - and an impressive learning ability. Knowing the characteristics of a border collie is key to finding the perfect name. Continue reading this AnimalWised article on dog names for border collies where we will help you with this important task in the life of your pet.

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  1. Before choosing a name for your border collie
  2. Names for male border collies
  3. Names for female border collies

Before choosing a name for your border collie

If you are thinking of adopting a dog of this breed you should be aware that you will need to spend a lot of time on them. This dog will absorb all the training you give them like a sponge. Their intense gaze will win your heart, and show you they value ​​all the exercise, training and affection you provide them. The name you give your border collie should be just as active, cute and vivacious as they are.

Do not forget our following advice when choosing a good name:

  • Choose a short name that allows clear pronunciation - two syllables are enough.
  • Names that include the vowel "i" are especially indicated.
  • Avoid using names that may confuse you with other people or commands.
  • Look at their characteristics and personality to be in accordance with the name.
Dog Names for Border Collies - Before choosing a name for your border collie

Names for male border collies

  • Smart: What is better than calling your dog the most prominent and integral part of their being! Border collies are pure intelligence.
  • Snowy: If your pet is albino (they have whiter rather than dark skin) and with intense blue eyes, Snowy will be the perfect name.
  • Arnold: This race is usually very athletic and they love all kinds of sports activities. Arnold sounds like a "crossfit" trainer and is a good name for your dog who is exercising all day long on their own.
  • Captain: The natural instinct of a collie is to keep the cattle together. They like leading a team and going fast like a speed boat. Your pet will be a perfect captain.
  • Jumper: Border Collies love to be jumping all day long like rabbits. Jumper is the ideal name if your dog likes to jump more than walk.
  • Ready: "on your marks, get ready, go". This is probably a border collie's favorite phrase. They are all day attentive and prepared for this activity.
  • Rascal: If your pet is one of those mischievous dogs but so endearing that you can not stay angry, the right name for them is rascal.
  • Air: If your dog is the flying type and loves to jump through the air to catch a stick, ball or anything you can throw - this name is very apt. Dogs of this breed love exercises in the air.
  • Alden: This is the perfect name for Border Collies who are very sociable (even with the postman). Alden literally means 'old friend'. Most dogs of this breed are excellent with almost all people and do not differ between family or strangers. For them all they are friends.
Dog Names for Border Collies - Names for male border collies

Names for female border collies

  • Juli: She will be a happy dog and will always be willing to play with everyone, especially with children.
  • Clara: It is convenient to name a very intelligent dog Clara. A dog who understands all the commands and training that you give with special clarity.
  • Chloe: This is the perfect name for a flirtatious, active female dog but at the same time very elegant in her way of walking.
  • White/Blanca: Now it's the turn of the female albino border collie. With eyes almost white as snow, Blanca will be a precious dog that will draw much attention.
  • Aria: Are you a fan of the TV series Game of Thrones? And Do you want to take the theme of the name a little further? Aria is perfect for your dog: intelligent, risky and very loyal.
  • Henna: If on the other hand your bitch is practically black like henna, this is a name that will do justice to her beautiful and shiny jet black hair.
  • Sea: There is nothing that a border collie enjoys more than paddling in the sea. If your pet goes crazy from excitement at the beach and wants to go swimming, this is the name for her.
  • Olivia: Olivia is a serious female collie dog and there will be something protocolary but loving about her - like a mother.
  • Mia: This is a feminine name; delicate, loving and with a lot of personality. This is perfect if you want your dog to grow up to become your best friend.
Dog Names for Border Collies - Names for female border collies

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Dog Names for Border Collies