Finnish Names for Dogs - With Meanings

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By Jane Bertin, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. Updated: June 19, 2018
Finnish Names for Dogs - With Meanings

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Are you thinking about adopting a dog? You must know by now that you're taking on a great responsibility, but also the chance of developing a deep bond that will last a lifetime. Properly trained and socialized, your dog will become the truest friend you could ever have.

The first step to begin a dog's training is to give them a name. There are many great names for dogs out there, and sometimes choosing one gets really difficult. You want a name that fits your dog's look and personality, sounds beautiful, is meaningful and, on top of that, is unique.

This is why we at AnimalWised have compiled a list of Finnish names for dogs with meanings. Finnish is a small language, so your dog's name will sound unique, but it's also rich and complex; even if you live in Finland you will be able to find a special name for your dog. Read on!

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  1. Why should you choose a Finnish name for your dog?
  2. Things to consider before choosing a name for your dog
  3. Finnish Names for Female Dogs
  4. Finnish Names for Male Dogs

Why should you choose a Finnish name for your dog?

Finnish - or Suomi as its speakers call it - is the official language of Finland and a minority language in Sweden. Nowadays there are about 5 million speakers of Finnish in the world; if you don't live in Finland, choosing a Finnish name for your dog is a perfect way to make sure it's unique and meaningful.

The Finnish language is notable for its long words and complicated inflections. It is very hard to learn for English speakers, as it's not an Indo-European language but an Uralic one. The Uralic language family includes Hungarian, the Sámi languages and different official languages of Russia (but not Russian). Finnish belongs to the same group as Estonian.

Finnish started to evolve around the 11th century BCE. However, it didn't appear in written form until the 15th century CE, as it wasn't used in formal settings like academia or business. However, the nationalist movement of the 19th Century brought about the process of standardizing Finnish and make it an official language. Elias Lönnrot compiled Finnish folklore into a national epic, The Kalevala, published in 1849. The first novel in Finnish, Seven Brothers by Aleksis Kivi, wasn't published until 1870.

Among the most stereotypical Finnish names for dogs we can find Rekku ("Barky") and Musti ("Blacky"); Musti is so traditional that it even appears in The Kalevala. Other common names for dogs include Luppa, Haukku, Tessu, Rontti, Jeri, Rita and Bella. If you live in Finland, you'll probably be looking for more unique names for your pet.

Finnish Names for Dogs - With Meanings - Why should you choose a Finnish name for your dog?

Things to consider before choosing a name for your dog

Before moving on to our list of Finnish names for dogs with their meanings, there are some aspects you need to take into account before making your choice.

  • Your dog will learn their name faster if it's between 2 and 3 syllables long.

  • Your dog's name shouldn't sound like a daily word or command, since that would confuse them. For instance, "Spot" and "Stop" sound too similar. This is why unique or foreign-sounding names are excellent choices.

  • You should never yell your dog's name or use it while scolding them, because they will learn that their name is a bad word you use to punish them.

Finnish Names for Female Dogs

Finnish names for female dogs according to appearance:

  • Aave: Ghost
  • Aurinko: Sun
  • Ilma: Air
  • Heinä: Hay
  • Kaarna: Bark of a tree
  • Kaisla: Reed
  • Kanerva: Heather
  • Kastepisara: Dewdrop
  • Kielo: Lily of the valley
  • Lumi: Snow
  • Maikki: Pet name for Mai, pearl
  • Raisa: Adaptable, relaxed
  • Sanna: Short oft Susanna, sann meaning truthful
  • Taimi: Seedling

Finnish names for female dogs according to personality

  • Aalto: Wave
  • Airi: Herald, messenger
  • Annikki: Pet name for Anna, Grace
  • Ansa: Trap
  • Auvo: Honor
  • Birita: Exalted one
  • Edel: Noble
  • Halla: Frost or freeze
  • Kaiku: Echo
  • Katja: Pure, pet name for Ekaterina
  • Kulta: Gold
  • Lauha: Gentle
  • Mainikki: Praised, excellent
  • Milla: Noble, freeborn
  • Sirke: Perky, Lively

Other Finnish names for female dogs

  • Aino: Only one; character in The Kalevala
  • Elämä: Life
  • Tähti: Star
  • Floora: Flower
  • Ilmatar: Spirit of the air in The Kalevala
  • Inari: Name of a lake, successful
  • Inka: Folk heroine
  • Isebel: Jezebel
  • Kesä: Summer
  • Kevät: Spring
  • Kuu: Moon
  • Marja: Mary; berry
  • Mielikki: Goddess of the forest, from mielu meaning luck
  • Mirkku: Girl, beloved
  • Salla: Name of a mountain
  • Taika: Magic
  • Talvi: Winter

Finnish Names for Male Dogs

Finnish names for male dogs according to appearance

  • Aarne: Bird
  • Aatami: Adam
  • Aate: Thought, idea
  • Aatu: Aaron
  • Aurinko: Sun
  • Joona: Jonah
  • Jouko: Pet name for Joukahainen, large or tall
  • Kari: Pet name for Karl, Curly-haired
  • Kerkko: Shoot of a tree
  • Kullervo: Golden, character in The Kalevala
  • Nalle: Teddy bear
  • Tuli: Fire, flame
  • Oiva: Splendid
  • Otso: Bear
  • Paavo: Variant of Pavel, meaning small
  • Panu: City dweller
  • Valo: Light

Finnish names for male dogs according to personality

  • Aarre: Per form of Aron
  • Aku: Pet form of Akaaton, meaning venerable, majestic
  • Aleksi: Defender
  • Erno: Variant of Ernust, meaning seriousness
  • Iisakki: Isaak, he will laugh
  • Into: Eagerness
  • Jalo: Noble
  • Jorkki: Pet form of Jori or Jörgen meaning farmer or earth
  • Kari: Pet name for Karl
  • Kauno: Beautiful
  • Kosto: Vengeance
  • Kulta: Dear, sweetheart
  • Mainio: Excellent
  • Niilo: Victor of the people
  • Nyyrikki: Young ruler; god of the hunt
  • Rae: Hailstone
  • Vaito: Silent one

Other Finnish names for male dogs

  • Ahti or Ahto: God of the sea
  • Armas: Beloved
  • Elämä: Life
  • Ensio: First, primary
  • Feeli: Felix; happy
  • Kaleva: Mythological ancestor of Finns
  • Kesä: Summer
  • Koira: Dog
  • Larssi: From Lars, meaning laurel
  • Leevi: From Levi, attatched
  • Onni: Luck
  • Pekko: God of brewing
  • Peni: Old word for "dog"
  • Syksy: Autumn
  • Tapio: God of animals and the forest
  • Ukko: God of the sky and thunder
Finnish Names for Dogs - With Meanings - Finnish Names for Male Dogs

This has been our compilation of Finnish names for dogs with their meanings. If you have more ideas, please tell us in the comments section!

If you still haven't found the perfect name for your dog, you can continue browsing our name lists from other languages:

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Our little girl, a Finnish lapphund has the name Kaija. As a coïncidence, Kaija's mother is named Jaana and her father Kai, so it was a nice abbreviation from both names. The left dog on the photo is mother Jaana, and on the right we have daughter Kaija.
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What lively names for such lovely dogs, thanks for sharing!
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This is such a good article. We also have some ideas. Are you looking for a great and unique dog names ?
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is ponsse mean dog in the finnish or any other language
I am native Finn and these meanings of the names are mostly so incorrect on this list. Who makes these? Dont they at least get checked?
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Finnish Names for Dogs - With Meanings