My Budgie's Beak has Cracked - What Should I Do?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: November 8, 2016
My Budgie's Beak has Cracked - What Should I Do?

Parakeets are psittaciformes, that is, birds from the order of parrots. The most popular parakeet to keep as a pet is the budgerigar or budgie (Melopsittacus undulatus), native to Australia. Their popularity is partially because of their plumage, which comes in a wide range of colors, and also due to their endearing character and easiness in looking after.

As members of the this order, parakeets have a curved and robust beak. However, it is not uncommon for the beak to show cracks or fissures, which is worrying for any owner. If your budgie's beak has cracked and you're wondering what should you do, stay with us at AnimalWised. We'll tell you how to care for your bird both as first aid and in the long term.

Consequences of a cracked beak

A budgie's cracked beak is like a broken tooth for a human: Nerve endings and bones are connected to the beak, which is why this kind of damage is painful for the bird.

It is important to distinguish between a simple cracked beak and a more serious injury such as a fractured or severed beak. The latter case can cause excessive bleeding due to the amount of blood that flows to the beak. In case of blood loss, you should apply pressure to stop the bleeding and call a vet as soon as possible.

If the beak is deeply cracked, it is important to know that the two halves will not grow back together on their own. Instead, they will grow increasingly apart, so you must act and help your parakeet as soon as possible.

What should I do if my parakeet's beak is cracked?

If the crack in your parakeet's beak isn't deep:

Luckily, in the majority of cases the crack will not be too deep and the bird will not bleed or be in pain. If this is your budgie's situation, all you need to do it leave it to regrow a healthy beak over time, just as we do when we have a cracked nail. Just in case, it's better to ask the vet to confirm the severity of the injury.

It is important to make sure you offer your parakeet cuttlefish bone or calcium supplements so that it can naturally wear down its beak, thus preventing overgrowth. Gradually, the cracked part will slowly be worn down and the beak will grow back fully healthy.

Some people recommend using a product like strong glue to glue the cracked beak back together, but you should never do this yourself. Adhesives are toxic and could get into your budgerigar's eyes, nostrils and mouth. This difficult procedure should only be carried out by a vet.

If the crack in your parakeet's beak is deep:

A cracked beak brings a risk of infection and increases the chances of your bird not being able to feed properly.

If the crack is deep or high up the beak, your parakeet could bleed from the beak. This can lead to increased blood pressure, which would in turn worsen the bleeding. This type of bleeding might not cause your parakeet severe pain, but losing such a large amount of blood could be fatal.

Therefore, you should act quickly to stop the bleeding. To do this, we can make a cap with mild soap, rubbing the affected area from the bottom up with a bar of soap. This is a temporary and emergency first aid remedy to treat a budgie's cracked beak. Once you have done this you should immediately go to a trusted vet - especially if it is bleeding lots - since it is a very serious situation that cannot be ignored.

My Budgie's Beak has Cracked - What Should I Do? - What should I do if my parakeet's beak is cracked?

First aid for a budgie's beak

If the beak is falling off or if the outer layers are damaged, the underlying tissues may dry out. In such cases, you can rinse the wound with sterile saline solution - a solution for contact lenses without preservatives serves well - to remove any possible residue and to help keep the tissue moist until your bird is examined by a vet. You need to be gentle when cleaning the beak, being careful not to separate or remove the beak if it is still partially attached.

The vet might cut part of the beak off or reattach it with a special plaster until it grows back healthy. At the veterinary clinic, your parakeet may be fed with a feeding tube. After, and until it has fully regrown its beak, you should give it soft and wet food.

Long-term care for a parakeet's cracked beak

In the case of small beak wounds, giving your parakeet supportive care, antimicrobial agents and pain medication should be enough until the wound disappears with the growth of the new, healthy beak.

For a larger, deeper wound, dental acrylic resin and a fixative light could be used to keep the beak together until a new healthy beak has regrown.

A fracture on the beak can be completely cured if blood flow is still good. However, some injuries in your parakeet's beak could be permanent, in which case your bird would need to be fed soft food for the rest of its life.

My Budgie's Beak has Cracked - What Should I Do? -  Long-term care for a parakeet's cracked beak

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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  • If your parakeet has a cracked beak, it is advised to go to your vet.

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The tip of my budgie's beak was bleeding but I managed to stop it and let him be. Unfortunately I have no avian vet in my area. I just want to know if the bird will be alright with the simple first aid, no less his environment is very cleaning so I don't think the tip would get infected. Just want and opinion of he may be alright
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Rio,

We hope you understand we cannot tell whether an animal is ill or infected from an article comment. However, you are looking after them and monitoring the trauma, which is great. Although you may not have an avian vet nearby, you may be able to take them to a veterinarian regardless. Even if they cannot help you, they are likely the ones in your area who will know where to go.
I don't have vet for my parrot in my region. Need help for my parrot to heal its broken beak. Please help somebody.
Casey M
My bird's beak is not bleeding but I'm not sure if it's deeply cracked because I just got them last week.
i have a budgie who broke its beak. for the first few days it was very quiet and was sleeping most of its time. it was difficult to feed it. but over a few days it learned to eat soft food from my hand and today it is trying to eat from the dish.
My budgie snowy has cracked its been but it so hard that snowy can't eat tried giving banana did eat some but not much got her been safe Conan take to vet and see what they say
Pl. try to feed it with oats soaked in water and made soft.
My Budgie's Beak has Cracked - What Should I Do?
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My Budgie's Beak has Cracked - What Should I Do?

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