Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. August 17, 2017
Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step

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Poodles, like other white or very light breeds, are susceptible to ugly rust-colored stains around their eyes.

These spots are caused by dog tears. These tears contain iron and magnesium as well as other elements, which fall around the eyes and oxidize, acquiring a rather unpleasant reddish brown.

If you want to find out the causes of this problem and possible solutions, keep reading Animal Wised and we will show you the proper steps for removing stains from poodles' eyes.

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Why do poodles have runny eyes?

The reason why these spots appear is due to the presence of iron and magnesium in the lacrimal composition can. These elements fall around the eyes and oxidize when they reach contact with the air, becoming an ugly rust color. They don't cause any problem for the dog, in principle, which may be considered serious, but it is a sign warning that the dog's body has an initial problem.

In the stained hairs surrounding the eyes, fungi and bacteria spread. If nothing is done this can cause infections over time. It is often a symptom of a nutritional deficiency, allergies or it may be that their lacrimal duct is blocked. That's why it is important that the veterinarian checks the poodle and unblocks the tear duct, or offers some kind of intervention or therapy. In addition, if you notice your dog has bloodshot eyes it is very important that you see a professional.

Below are some tips on removing stains, or getting rid of the symptoms, which does not prevent the causes that keep them active and must be treated by a veterinarian.

Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step - Why do poodles have runny eyes?

How to remove tear stains, step by step

Step 1 - Cleaning the eyes

The first effective step to cleaning your poodle?s stains is meticulous cleaning of the dog's eyes.

This should be carried out using a physiological saline solution or a Chamomile tea at room temperature. Both liquids can be soaked in a sterile gauze and then rubbed very carefully over the dog's eyes. If you have an eye wash container (a kind of small cup), you can directly apply saline or chamomile tea.

Make sure you remove sticky liquid and hair or eyelashes stuck in your poodle's eyes. Once you have washed the eyes, try to remove the rust stains using one of the tricks we will explain later. First of all, we will give you some advice on some steps to take.

Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step - How to remove tear stains, step by step

Step 2 - Diet

Any food deficit can lead to the appearance of the stains. Try adding some lightly grilled liver without oil to its diet. This will enrich its diet.

Give your poodle food supplements such as probiotics for dogs two or three times a week. Eating good bacteria enhances the absorption of nutrients and creates a hostile environment for bad bacteria and fungi.

Put a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in the your dog's drinking water. Its tears will become more acidic, making it unsuitable for bacteria and fungi to grow. Use stainless steel bowls for food and water because they slow down the growth of fungi and bacteria. Keep them clean after meals.

Next we'll show you some appropriate products to get rid of or lighten poodles' eye stains.

Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step -

3 - Rosehip seed oil

Rosehip seed oil is an expensive product, but very effective against your dog's eye stains.

A couple of drops are poured into a sterile gauze and gently rubbed over the stained area. Use a new gauze for the other eye. Rosehip seed oil should not come into contact with your poodles' eyes. This treatment should be administered for several days until the stains disappear.

Cotton buds should not be used for this task, as a sudden movement by the dog could injure the eye. Do not use cotton swabs or make-up remover pads, as they may leave strands or shreds of cotton and irritate the poodle's eyes.

Rosehip seed oil has a good bactericide and healing power. Using it consistently will make the poodle's eye stains disappear. You should also apply it to bites and scratches on the dog's skin. This oil is sold in pharmacies and some supermarkets (it is cheaper in supermarkets).

Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step -

4 - Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide as sold in the pharmacy has enough bleaching power and is bactericidal. This is applied in a similar way to that of rosehip seed oil, but there is another form of application that is better than the one mentioned above (not suitable for applying with rosehip oil). The best way to apply hydrogen peroxide to the Poodle's stained areas is as follows.

  • You will need pharmaceutical specific hydrogen peroxide, a new tiny eye makeup brush, gauze, small blunt scissors (rounded tip), comb or eyelash brush and a very small disposable cup (shot glass).
  • First of all, with a sterile gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide, clean the poodle's eye stains to kill any bacteria. You will notice a mild foam indicating that the hydrogen peroxide is working. It is very important not to wet the dog's eye because this will cause discomfort for a while.
  • If you see that there are badly stained areas or damaged hair, you should cut them out with blunt scissors. Cut the hair if it's getting into your poodle's eyes. The dog's eyes should always be clear.
  • Style and comb the eye area with an eyelash comb or brush to fluff the hair.
  • Pour hydrogen peroxide in the disposable cup, and with the makeup brush "paint" the stained areas near the eyes with the hydrogen peroxide. Obviously, your dog's eyes should not get wet at all. You should allow time for the treated area to dry.

This last step is better when done in the sun, as the effects of sunlight enhance the bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide. This process can be repeated for several days, until the treated area is clear.

Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step -

5 - A combination of hydrogen peroxide with rosehip seed oil

If the stains are very deep, the best way to proceed is using the hydrogen peroxide for a few days, and after they are clear, leave it for a couple of days, and then treat the stained area with rosehip seed oil.

Don't forget that these stains are only symptoms and if the causes are not cured, the stains will come back. The vet will be responsible for curing the poodle of its ailment.

6 - Specific products

In shops you will find processed products that can help to combat the problems associated with your dog's tear stains. The application is very similar to that of the home remedies we have discussed above. You should soak a sterile gauze and wipe each eye with a new one. Unlike other products, you will need to dry the area afterwards.

Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step -

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  • Avoid using any products if your dog suffers from a skin allergy.
  • Consult your veterinarian if you have any doubts.

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I used regular zinc oxide and would put a tad on my the tip of my little finger and out it down the area where the stains are made. This kept the tearing from staining white or cream colored Poodles as it prevented the wet to get on their fur plus it covered it up if there was a little stain. I would call it their “make up”! 🤩. This usually would do the trick and frequent grooming would keep the stained fur removed. baby bottom Desitin worked too, it it had other ingredients in it, I preferred plain zinc oxide, such as Life guards would put on their noses in the olden days to keep from getting sunburned. This is also much more cost effective than the stuff they try and sell that does no good.

Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step
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Removing Stains from Poodles' Eyes, Step by Step

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