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The Chausie, also sometimes refered to as the miniature cougar cat, is a hybrid cat born from a mix of wild and domestic cats. This loyal and loving cat breed is also both strinkingly beautiful and fearless. If you’re thinking of adopting a mysterious Chause cat breed, this article is for you!

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Origin of the Chausie Cat

The Chausie cat breed is native to Egypt. It was there that these cats were conteroversially bred, through crossing of wild jungle cats and domestic shorthair cats. But why was this controversial? Well, many breeders argue that, ethically speaking, there are some issues with forcibly crossing wild and domestic cats.

Be that as it may, Chausie kittens first made an appearance on Nile river banks. The Chausie was then officially recognized by the TICA (International Cat Association) in 1995, although it was not until 2003 that this breed was officially recognized by the bulk of international feline organizations felines.

Characteristics of the Chausie

The Chausie cat breed is often confused with Abyssinian cats, mainly because of coat resemblance. Chausies are, however, considerably larger in size, weighing at between 6.5 and 9 kilograms. Did you know that Chausie cats are considered part of the 12 largest cat breeds in the world? Their heigh at the withers is between a wopping 36 and 46 centimeters and they their average life expectancy is about 16 years.

The strong and harmonious body of a Chausie is botth slender and stylized with developed musculature, especially in males. A Chausie has long legs and a long thin tail. Their heads are flattened with a long snout, prominent cheekbones and a sweet expression. Chausies have large and oval eyes of green-yellow color. They carry large ears of high insertion, although, these are often smaller than an Abyssinian’s.

Chausies have a short coat, although somewhat longer than most short-haired breeds. This coat is both dense and light and can vary in color from brown tabby to black to solid and/or silver.

Chausie cat character

When analyzing a Chausie’s character, one must bear in mind that these cats descend almost directly from wild cats. One of the most prominent features of a Chausie’s ancestry is its active and restless nature. For this reason, these cats require sufficiently play and exercise time and shouldn’t be kept in closed and/or small spaces.

Chausies are indepent and can sometimes be stubborn, making them somewhat difficult to educate. This, however, doesn’t mean they are not alert and intelligent felines. Additionally, this cat breed is incredibly daring and is not scared of exposing itself to possible threats. So, if you have a Chausie cat, make sure to monitor it carefully.

On the other hand, Chausies are very faithful and affectionate cats but they are not recommended for families with children and/or other animals.

Chausie cat care

The most important aspect to Chausie cat care is exercise. This cat breed requires daily vigorous, stimulating and enriching activities. If a Chausie is not well stimulated, physically or mentally, they may become restless and develop problems such as anxiety or depression.

Other than this important point, a Chausie cat requires general cat care, including vaccinations, a high-quality balanced diet, love, attention, annual deworming and veterinary check-ups. In addition, their eyes, coat, ears and mouth should be cleaned to maintain cleanliness.

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Chausie cat health

As descendants of wild cats, chausies are generally strong and healthy cats. This, however, does not mean a Chausie’s vaccination and deworming schedule can be neglected. For more, read about these home remedies for deworming my cat.

A particularity of this breed is that, in many occasions, males chausies are sterile. This does not, however, affect the cat’s health.

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