Some of the most active cat breeds don't necessarily share the same traits. Some can be large or small, affectionate or aloof. They might have different coat patterns and color variations. It is also so important to remember that a cat's breed is only one of the factors in the amount of energy they expel. Two cats of the same breed might be quite different in temperament and how active they are. It doesn't necessarily mean that an active cat will be an intelligent cat, but it is something you will see often. They want to engage and play, but this engagement helps them to sharpen their skills in general.
It is important to mark the difference between an active cat breed and a hyperactive cat. An active cat is one which has stamina, likes to play, is not sedentary, will explore happily, will look for attention from owners and might not sleep as much as others. A hyperactive cat is one which runs around a lot, expends a lot of energy in short bursts and can even be (unintentionally) destructive. These cats may be hyperactive for a variety of reasons. Our active cat breed files will show you how to best look after cat's which may need more attention than others.

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