The famous phrase claims curiosity killed the cat, but this is, as expected, an oversimplification. Curiosity can be a great help to cats. It helps them to investigate their environment, to develop their senses and tighten their wits. It also helps them to bond with their owner. If a cat is not curious, then they will not want to engage in play or follow the different ruses we use to pretend they are hunting. If they are not curious, they don't want to be stimulated or engaged. In a pet, this is a sign of something being a problem.
These curious cat breeds are those which are well known for their inquisitiveness. They are eager to explore and interact with what is around them. Helping to ensure they interact in the most positive way possible is the responsibility of any good human cat guardian. The true aspect of the maxim we mentioned is that curious cats sometimes need extra protection. These breed files will help you know what to expect.

40 breeds