Some cat breeds have big ears because they are big cats. However, body size is not what we mean by big eared cat breeds. We mean cats with ears which have proportionately large ears. We show you the names of these cat breeds and tell you what you need to know about their health, temperament and well-being. Cats with big ears are often sought after by cat lovers as they give such an amazing shape to their heads, but the breeds listed here are also very diverse in terms of physical appearance.
Another fascinating aspect to big eared cat breeds is the fact they often resemble their wild cat ancestors. Wild cats have large ears for a variety of reasons, whether to keep alert against predators, stalk prey or even keep cool in the heat. These domestic cats with big ears often resemble these wild cats more than others. This is why breeds lie the Savannah, Siamese, Sphynx and Cornish Rex are often spoken of as having an exotic character. Some black cats with big ears even look like other animals such as bat eared cats.

29 breeds