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Do Pomeranians Shed a Lot of Hair?

Eduarda Piamore
By Eduarda Piamore, Expert in canine and feline psychology, education and training.. January 30, 2024
Do Pomeranians Shed a Lot of Hair?

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Pomeranian dogs are known for their ability to shed, something which is more noticeable than many other breeds. This is because of the sheer abundance of fur in Pomeranian dogs, making a high-shedding rate an often messy business. Known for being loveable little balls of fluff, any annoyance over their shedding is quashed by their personalities. These personalities are often very large, despite their small size. Knowing how to care for a Pomeranian requires adapting to these personalities, but there are also practical considerations when it comes to their coat.

At AnimalWised, we ask do Pomeranians shed a lot of hair? In answering this question, we find out how to care for this dog breed's hair with our Pomeranian coat care guide.

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  1. Do Pomeranians shed?
  2. How to brush a Pomeranian's hair
  3. Can you cut a Pomeranian's hair?
  4. How often can you bathe a Pomeranian?
  5. Other care for the Pomeranian dog

Do Pomeranians shed?

All dogs with hair will shed to a certain degree, but Pomeranians shed more than most. Their coat is very soft and fluffy, standing out from their body to make them appear larger than they actually are. It is a double-layered coat, meaning it has a soft dense undercoat and a lighter outer coat of harsher guard hairs. Pomeranians will shed both their undercoat and their guard hairs, but how much will depend on various factors.

One of the heaviest shedding periods in Pomeranians occurs when they are young. During the first 4-8 months of life, Pomeranian puppies lose a large amount of hair. They can lose so much that some guardians fear they are developing alopecia. These guardians need not be worried as it is a natural process and a normal part of their development.

The purpose of this intense shedding is to change from their provisional puppy coat to their adult coat. This is somewhat similar a process to when a dog loses their baby teeth. In addition to intense shedding in young Pomeranians, we may witness a change in coat color. This is most common in Pomeranians with red, tan or brown fur because color alterations are noticed more easily. This doesn't prevent it from happening in other coat colors.

When Pomeranians go through this intense period of shedding, we can encourage them by removing the dead hair. This is done through regular brushing. This should be carried out daily. Doing so will also help the Pomeranian become accustomed to the brushing ritual, something which can be more difficult once they have matured.

The period of Pomeranian puppy shedding is not the only time that Pomeranians will shed. After around 9 months of life, Pomeranians will have their adult coat. This does not mean it won't continue to fill out or become fluffier. At around 3 years of life, it will reach its peak fluffiness.

A Pomeranian's coat will be more or less fluffy depending on the time of year. This is because they respond to climactic conditions. When the temperature increases, the dog will shed to become more comfortable. When the temperatures decrease again, the hair will grow back to provide better insulation. This means Pomeranians are often fluffier during winter than in summer.

While shedding season used to be more predictable, climate control in modern homes means it is not always as noticeable as it used to be. Especially if the Pomeranian is protected when in cold weather with a coat, the dog may not experience temperature changes as acutely. In this case, the dog may shed lightly all year round. For this reason, although Pomeranians can shed a lot, how much they shed will depend on the individual.

When the Pomeranian puppy is shedding a lot, we need to brush daily and ensure we protect them from the cold. Once the Pomeranian reaches their adult stage, we can reduce brushing to around twice a week. This may increase again if they are in shedding season. Brushing is not only important for removing dead hair, but also to avoid knots and tangles which can be common in Pomeranians.

Although Pomeranians do shed a lot of hair, they do not necessarily shed the most. German Shepherds, Siberian Huskies and other dogs are dog breeds known to shed the most hair.

How to brush a Pomeranian's hair

Different dogs have different types of coat. This requires different types of dog brushes and combs to meet their specific needs. As the Pomeranian's coat is double layered, it is essential to choose a brush or comb that allows excellent maintenance for both the undercoat and outer guard hairs.

To do this, we should avoid using the famous ‘FURminator’ shedding brushes, as they can cause the breakage of their hair structure. The ideal way to care for the hair of a Pomeranian dog is to combine several different tools and using complementary actions. The best brushes for Pomeranians are the following:

  • Metal rake comb: these products are especially designed to remove shed hairs and are good for untangling. When using them, we must be very careful not to hurt the animal while we try to remove the knots. We will also gently, starting at the tips and moving towards the center. We should brush with the aim of not excessively damaging the coat and breaking the hair.

  • Double-sided dog brush: these brushes have two sides, one with ball-tipped bristles and the other with denser synthetic bristles. When brushing, we should make soft and continuous movements, switching sides depending on how much resistance we feel. We use the rounded bristles first, then use the synthetic bristles to condition the Pomeranian's hair. Ensure we choose one which is good quality.

If you have more questions about how to properly brush your Pomeranian's hair, you can check out our guide to brushing your dog's fur.

Do Pomeranians Shed a Lot of Hair? - How to brush a Pomeranian's hair

Can you cut a Pomeranian's hair?

A common question from Pomeranian dog guardians is whether they can cut their dog's hair and how often they should do it. Regular visits to the dog groomer can help maintain the ideal length of their coat. The purpose of these cuts is to help properly maintain their coat, not for purely aesthetic purposes.

How often we should trim a Pomeranian's coat will depend on the growth rate of the individual. While there are different factors to determine this, two of the most important are their rate of metabolism and the environmental conditions they experience. These environmental conditions include ambient temperature and amount of sunlight. With this in mind, we can say that a Pomeranian's coat will grow back to its full size around 2 months after a cut.

While we can cut the hair ourselves, it is best not to cut a Pomeranian's hair at home. This is because their coat can be particularly tricky and it is best to leave it to a professional groomer. Neither you nor the groomer should shave a Pomeranian down to the skin. This can damage the skin and the hair, as well as removing important layers of protection. It also exposes them to heat stroke, sunburn and the cold. It also encourages painful ingrown hairs

How often can you bathe a Pomeranian?

Infrequent bathing is helpful to maintain the optimal hygiene of a Pomeranian's coat. Excessive bathing is counterproductive and can cause them damage. Generally speaking, you should bathe your Pomeranian every 2 to 3 months. Depending on how often you take them to the groomer, you may be able to simply let them give your Pomeranian a bath.

The reason excessive bathing can be damaging is due to the elimination of natural oils on their skin and coat. These natural oils provide a layer of protection which makes them vulnerable to disease, parasites and various skin problems. In addition, constant washing can lessen coat quality and result in dry, lusterless hair.

Before you start bathing your Pomeranian at home, it will be essential to choose the right products to care for their fur. For a Pomeranian puppy, ideally use specific products made for young dogs. If you have recently adopted a Pomeranian puppy, remember the first time you bathe a puppy should be after their first vaccination and deworming treatments. They may be some exceptions, in which case you should speak to a vet.

Once you have bathed the dog, you will need to ensure the dog is completely dry. This will protect them from the cold and avoid pathogens growing on their coat. Various fungi, bacteria and parasites will prefer a moist environment to proliferate. This can occur in a relatively short time, so we should be careful. Using a blow dryer is best, but it is important to ensure the dog gets used to the hair dryer to avoid stress.

Do Pomeranians Shed a Lot of Hair? - How often can you bathe a Pomeranian?

Other care for the Pomeranian dog

In addition to taking care of a Pomeranian's coat, it will be essential to provide them with the necessary care to preserve their good health and keep them physically and mentally stimulated. Pomeranians need a lot of attention, but moderate amounts of exercise. This is usually around 30 minutes a day. They will also need a suitable vaccination and deworming schedule to ensure prevention of various health problems.

For Pomeranians and all other dogs, coat is an indicator of health. When the coat is lusterless and brittle when it should be soft and shiny, it likely means there is something wrong with their health. Even if we do not see other symptoms, we should take our Pomeranian to the veterinarian if we see their coat is damaged.

Learn more about how to best ensure your dog's overall health, with our guide on how to take care of a Pomeranian puppy.

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Do Pomeranians Shed a Lot of Hair?