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Can You Cut Pomeranian Hair at Home?

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. January 29, 2019
Can You Cut Pomeranian Hair at Home?

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The Pomeranian breed is known for many things. They have a little bear like face which belies the fact they are one of the sweetest and endearing dogs you could find. But it is the fluffy mane of fur from which this face emerges which many come to associate the most with the Pomeranian. With the highest volume and density of all the Spitz type dog breeds, the Pomeranian is a little fluff ball.

However, keeping a dog's coat well kept is an important part of their general well-being. If it's not well-cared for it can promote poor hygiene, lead to infestation by parasites and even result in life threatening diseases. There is also the fact they will look slightly less cute. But can you cut Pomeranian hair at home? Let AnimalWised find out.

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  1. Characteristics of Pomeranian coat
  2. Caring for a Pomeranian's coat
  3. Can I cut my Pomeranian dog's hair at home?

Characteristics of Pomeranian coat

As Pomeranian dogs are considered a toy breed, you might be asking yourself how much fur they can possibly have. Thanks to a double layered coat, the answer is quite a lot. These layers are divided into:

  • Undercoat: this is a layer of fur made up of down hair. This fur is softer, but shorter and curlier than other types of fur. It works to keep the dog warm in cold conditions.
  • Overcoat: the outer layer of a Pomeranian's fur is made of guard hair, a coarser and longer hair type than the undercoat. The quality of the guard hair can reveal a lot about the Pomeranian's health and it is the most deeply pigmented.

The Pomeranian's coat covers their entire body, with their face and paws having less in terms of length. The rest grows long and the dog is prone to molting. The coloring of their coat is white, black, orange or some combination of the three. Solid color Pomeranians are common.

The coat of a Pomeranian is not difficult to brush. They are not large dogs and it shouldn't take you long. However, they do need regular brushing, ideally on a daily basis. This is particularly the case during the shedding season. When their undercoat sheds, tangles and knots can appear, so thorough brushing is required. When they are molting, the quality of a Pomeranian's fur can look a little haggard, so it is very important to take extra care during this time.

Can You Cut Pomeranian Hair at Home? - Characteristics of Pomeranian coat

Caring for a Pomeranian's coat

Given its size and volume, it is necessary to take care of a Pomeranian's coat with regularity and attention. It is recommended your brush them every day to get rid of dead hair. If this is not possible, it should be carried out a minimum of twice a week. You should star this process from the age of being a puppy since they will need to get used to it. Fortunately, brushing regularly can also help you both to strengthen your bond. It can also help you look out for signs of disease such as atopic dermatitis.

If we find knot or tangle when combing our Pomeranian, we should try to gently release it with the comb and/or our fingers. If it is not possible, there are some things you can do at home to untangle a dog's coat. If your are unable to untangle the fur, you can use scissors as a last resort. Always cut away as little hair as possible. In this way, we can help our furry little friend to maintain a clean coat, silky coat which is free of knots.

As for the frequency of bathing a Pomeranian, it will depend on their activity. While Pomeranian's have a lot of energy and need adequate exercises, they don't always fair well on long walks. Usually shorter more regular walks are recommended. You may not go out in the country as much, but you will still need to give them a bath if they get too dirty. In general, however, it is best not to give them more than one bath a month. This is because you do not want to get rid of the natural oils on the dogs skin.

When giving a Pomeranian a bath, it is advised you give them a brush first to remove any tangles. Ensure you choose the right brush for the task as well as use an appropriate moisturizing shampoo for dogs, especially one for voluminous hair. Always avoid contact with eyes, ears and mouth.

After applying the shampoo evenly over their body, you can massage the product into the fur and leave it in as long as the packaging suggests. Rinse out the suds with plenty of water, being careful again to cover their face and eyes. Use a conditioner which is also designed for dogs with a lot of fur and which moisturizes the hair.

Afterwards we will need to dry their hair. While many Pomeranians are loving dogs, they can get scared or intimidated by loud noises. Use a hairdryer, starting on their legs and back and shielding their face. It is best to have someone else to help you with this so they can reassure the dog during the bath. You can brush against the grain as you dry to give more volume, but be careful not to hurt the dog.

With some dogs regular brushing is sufficient. However, with breeds like the Pomeranian, you will need to ensure they are clipped, especially during the molting season. A visit to a dog groomer twice a year to coincide with the two molting seasons will help us to keep our dog's coat and the rest of them healthy.

Can I cut my Pomeranian dog's hair at home?

If you are looking for information on how to cut Pomeranian hair, we have to say it is not advisable to do it yourself. Allowing for the natural growth of the dog's fur, providing regular brushing, bathing once a month and minimal grooming should be sufficient to provide a fluffy and elegant appearance. The problem is that a Pomeranian's coat is so particular that only a skilled professional should take on the task.

Although Pomeranians will shed, they still manage to keep a relatively equal length of fur throughout the year. The undercoat will be more dense in the winter, giving a slightly fuller look, but the guard hair will not grow exponentially. Even so, you can cut the Pomeranian's hair so that has its characteristic rounded shape. You can also trim the Pomeranian's fur along their legs, paw pads, ears and rear end for comfort, hygiene and image.

However, it is very important never to shave your Pomeranian. Shaving with clippers can serious damage the dog's undercoat. The follicles here are very delicate and they can atrophy when they are shaved off. This can sometimes result in the hair not growing back properly or even developing alopecia. Also, shaving a Pomeranian can expose the dog to cold weather in the winter and puts them at risk of sunburn during the summer.

You don't need to shave a Pomeranian to badly affect their fur. If their hair is cut too short with scissors, it can take their coat a long time to recover. Some fashion trends among Pomeranian owners put style ahead of the dog's health, even if it is done unwittingly. There are cuts of Pomeranian hair such as the ‘boo cut’ which gives them a fully rounded head and very short fur on their body. This cut is not good for the dog and can raise problems when trying to regrow their coat.

The best option is to visit a professional dog groomer or hairdresser with experience in caring for a Pomeranian's coat. They will know how to fix up your Pomeranian's coat with scissors and advise on some general hair care for your dog. If the groomer offers a boo cut or similar shaving options, they may not be the most reputable, so be careful.

Can You Cut Pomeranian Hair at Home? - Can I cut my Pomeranian dog's hair at home?

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Can You Cut Pomeranian Hair at Home?