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The boerboel is a breed of molossian dog that comes from South Africa. It has received various names, including the African Boerboel or South African Mastiff. Their ancestors are the bullmastiff, the great Dane and the bullensbeisser, which is extinct.

The first examples of boerboels date back 1600. During the Boer War the Dutch colony lived in South Africa passed this breed onto the British Empire that then used breed to protect their farms.

  • Africa
  • South Africa
Physical characteristics
  • 5-14
  • 14-18
  • 18-22
  • 22-27
  • 27-31
  • More than 31
Adult weight
  • 2-7
  • 7-22
  • 22-55
  • 55-100
  • 100-220
Life expectancy
  • 8-10
  • 10-12
  • 12-14
  • 15-20
Recommended physical activity
  • Low
  • Meidum
  • High
  • Muzzle
  • Harness
Recommended climate
  1. Physical Characteristic of a Boerboel
  2. Character of a boerboel
  3. Behavior of a boerboel
  4. Educating a boerboel
  5. Caring for a boerboel
  6. Health of a boerboel

Physical Characteristic of a Boerboel

The boerboel has an imposing physical and impacting physical presence as it is a very large dog. Both the males and females can reach up to 70 centimeters to the cross with a weight of up to 95 kilograms in really large specimens.

The boerboel is not a breed for everyone, as its large size requires an experienced master who knows how to control and educate this breed.

It has short and soft hair and can come in various colors including sand, red, brindle or a yellowish tone. These tones combine with its eyes that usually vary between yellow, brown and chocolate.

Character of a boerboel

Emotionally, this is a balanced and intelligent dog that enjoys its relationship with its family. Boerboels knows how to behave and are very obedient dogs that have served as working dogs for centuries.

If our boerboel feels that we are under physical or aggressive threat, as they are distrustful of strangers with an overprotective character, it could cause them to attack and protect their owner.

The boerboel breed is not afraid, they are confident dogs. This dog is also very affectionate with its owners and love to play and participate.

Behavior of a boerboel

This breed is known to be affable, affectionate and careful with the children of its family, despite being a large dog. If the boerboel has received correct socialization with its family and environment, it can be an excellent dog with which our children are able to play. Of course, it is important to remember to educate the children too on how to play calmly with a dog.

Boerboels will not always be affable and friendly with other dogs.This will directly depend on the socialization training that it has received from a young age. It is very important to educate a dog of such a large size.

Educating a boerboel

The boerboel is an excellent watchdog that will not hesitate to protect his family, flock or herd.

This breed needs an experienced owners who knows how to train and socialize this dog based on the positive reinforcement. Also remember, this dog needs outside space to move and walk. However, as it is known to wander, this space needs to be gated and/or controlled.

The boerboel breed is intelligent. They are quick learners and work well with both basic or advanced education.

Caring for a boerboel

Boerboels need to move, exercise its muscles and release possible accumulated stress. It needs large amounts of daily food (between 600 and 800 grams) which makes physical activity even more necessary. For this reason, if our intention is to adopt a boerboel, we must have the availability to it for take long quality walks.

The brushing of its hair will serve to prevent the appearance of fleas and ticks. Thanks to its short coat it only needs to be brushed twice weekly.

Health of a boerboel

Due to the great weight that it supports, this breed must avoid prolonged exercise, that is, if you can notice that your animal is already tired, do not force it to exercise more. We must also ensure that it does not spend all day lying down or being inactive. You need to prevent the appearance of hip dysplasia.

It is recommended to add calcium a boerboel puppy’s diet to improve its bone quality and growth.

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I have had large breed dogs all my life, but nothing compares to my Boerboel! I'm beyond impressed by her every single day. I would suggest to anyone interested in this breed to fully do your research, and seek out a reputable breeder that will completely inform you. They are not for everyone! But way more gentle and friendly than you might imagine. Will definately latch on to ONE person in the house and everyone else has to just follow in line! If you are that ONE person, expect to never even use the restroom alone anymore - this is a total Velcro Dog!!!!
Administrador AnimalWised
Very good advice, thank you so much for sharing!
kaydee boerboel
hi, was just searching Boerboels, as we have one, and came across our dog on your page, as in her image, its the first one on the search for Boerboels on your page, but she is stunning. i have used her facebook name, you may find other photos you would like to use of her, :)
Hello! I want to adopt a boerboel dog can you guid me.
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Ashan,

We can give you tips on what you need to consider before adopting any dog by reading this article:

However, we cannot give you specific instructions of where to get your dog as it will depend on your location, the quality of your local animal shelter, what breeders are available, etc. Good luck!
Photo uploaded by Kat-i:My Baby Girl Boerboel, Leela, at 18 months.
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