Having a dog in a family with children has so many positives. They teach the child responsibility, help them with their emotional well-being and are, of course, cute, fun, loveable, protective, friendly... Some dogs breeds, however, often go above and beyond in their relationship with kids. Sometimes known as nanny dogs, there are certain dog breeds which are known for being particularly protective and will guard their young brethren with bravery.
The best dog breeds for kids are those which are friendly, loving and which have an even temperament. Size is not important. There are many small dog breeds which may be too rambunctious for kids and there are many large dog breeds which are ideal for kids. They can have their ears tugged, fur grasped and tails used as paint brushes without batting an eyelid. However, both dogs and children are dependents and need constant surveillance, so any dog needs to be cared for properly alongside children.

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