If you are a farmer or shepherd, then you will probably learn about the best dog breeds for herding via your training and experience for the job. On a working farm, a herding dog breed is an invaluable resource as well as being a farmer's best friend. There are different types of herding, so there are different types of herding dogs for the animals involved. For example, there are sheepdog breeds which may be more midsized or cattle dog breeds which may be bigger.
However, this is not always the case. Many herding dog breeds are great for herding any animal, despite their own size. If you want a herding dog breed as a pet, but don't necessarily have your own animals to care for, there are still many benefits of having shepherd dog types. Even if they are not looking after groups of sheep, they can be wonderful and loyal companions. They tend to be more intelligent dogs which need a lot of exercise, so just make sure, if you do get a herding dog breed, you are able to meet these needs.

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