French Names For Cats

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By Ameera Mills. Updated: October 9, 2019
French Names For Cats

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After adopting a cat, one of the first steps to take with your new friends is naming them! Some people believe that naming their cats is not very important, however, others, as do we, agree that it is! A cat's name is a key aspect in their upbringing. Like humans do, felines too need to feel identified with the chosen name. This is because a cat's name is a fundamental element in their education and will also aid in the formation of a bond between owner and cat.

Are you looking for a nice and original name for your cat? Do you want find an elegant and somewhat romantic name? Well then, you have come to the right place. Here at AnimalWised we have made a list of French names for cats. Take a look and pick from over 140 options!

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  1. Tips to choose the ideal name of your cat
  2. French names for male cats
  3. French names for female cats
  4. Do you want more naming ideas for your cat?

Tips to choose the ideal name of your cat

Although there is no exact manual of rules when choosing a name for our cats, it is important to know some basic tips that are useful when choosing a name for your cat. Here are some of them:

  • Short and easy-to-pronounce names: this makes it easier for the feline to understand and identify with its name. Also, if you opt for a very long or complex name, you may end up using a nickname. Ideally, choose a name with no more than two or three syllables, which is easy to pronounce.
  • Do not use common words: if you name your cat with a very common term that you repeat several times a day ("night", "day", "coffee", "water", etc.), you may confuse it. This will also make it difficult for the cat to recognize when you are actually addressing it. Therefore, it is worthwhile to invest some creative time and using your imagination when choosing a name for your cat.
  • Know the meanings of the names: another tip in choosing the perfect name for your cat is to know the meaning of the name you choose, whether it is a Spanish, English or French name. By understanding what the names mean, you can choose a name depending on its meaning and the relevance to your cat's personality.

French names for male cats

Take a look at this list of French names for male cats:

  • Alain
  • Algie
  • Allard
  • Alvar
  • Amadeu
  • Ansel
  • Arno
  • Aron
  • Artus
  • Baguette
  • Barnabé
  • Bastien
  • Benoit
  • Brioche
  • Caramel
  • Chat
  • Claude
  • Clèment
  • Constantine
  • Donatien
  • Eloy
  • Enfant
  • Etienne
  • Fabrice
  • Félin
  • Félix
  • Francis
  • François
  • Fréderic
  • Gauvin
  • Gautier
  • Gérard
  • Gerôme
  • Glace
  • Grosvenor
  • Gilles
  • Guy
  • Henri
  • Jean
  • Joseph
  • Jour
  • Jules
  • Laurent
  • Lothair
  • Luke
  • Marc
  • Matisse
  • Matthieu
  • Maude
  • Michel
  • Mignon
  • Millard
  • Monsieur
  • Narcisse
  • Nuit
  • Olivier
  • Paradis
  • Petit
  • Pierre
  • Quentin
  • Raimond
  • René
  • Roland
  • Sébastien
  • Serge
  • Soleil
  • Térence
  • Thierry
  • Toulouse
  • Tropez
  • Vin
  • Yann
  • Zenón
  • Zinedine
French Names For Cats - French names for male cats

French names for female cats

Don´t miss out on this list of French names for female cats!

  • Agnès
  • Amélie
  • Annabell
  • Annette
  • Babette
  • Bellamy
  • Belle
  • Bernadette
  • Bettine
  • Blanche
  • Bonne
  • Bridgett
  • Brunelle
  • Camille
  • Cannelle
  • Carine
  • Céline
  • Chanel
  • Chandelle
  • Charline
  • Charlotte
  • Chérie
  • Chiffon
  • Chloé
  • Clodette
  • Coco
  • Constance
  • Delphine
  • Dominique
  • Duchesse
  • Eléonore
  • Eméraude
  • Emilie
  • Enriette
  • Eve
  • Étoile
  • Fabienne
  • Florie
  • Fleur
  • Georgette
  • Géraldine
  • Grace
  • Jade
  • Jacqueline
  • Jeanne
  • Joie (Yoie)
  • Jolie
  • Julienne
  • Juliette
  • Lorraine
  • Lili (Lily)
  • Lovelle
  • Lune
  • Marie
  • Madeleine
  • Maggie
  • Mathilde
  • Monique
  • Morgane
  • Nadine
  • Noir
  • Olivia
  • Pauline
  • Rouge
  • Rubis
  • Sérène
  • Sephora
  • Sophie
  • Stéfanie
  • Vanille
  • Violette
French Names For Cats - French names for female cats

Do you want more naming ideas for your cat?

If you have looked through our list of French names for cats, and are still not yet content, don't fret! We at AnimalWised have plenty more options of names for cats and kittens. For example, if you are looking for something more original and fun, take a look at our article discussing some geek names for cats!

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French Names For Cats