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Persian or Farsi Names for Cats

Janhvi Johorey
By Janhvi Johorey, Psychologist specialized in animal therapy. March 26, 2017
Persian or Farsi Names for Cats
Persian Cat

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Persian or Farsi is a major language descended from Old Persian. This Iranian language falls within the Indo-Irani branch of the languages within the Indo-European family. Farsi is primarily spoken in Afghanistan, Iran, and Tajikistan, as well as other regions influenced by Persian culture: more than 110 million people speak Farsi around the world.

Farsi was the literary language of the Persian Empire, which was ruled by different dynasties and had its peak before the development of Islam. The best-known stages of Persian history were the Achaemenid Empire (6th-4th Centuries BC) and the Sasanian Empire (3rd-7th Centuries AD).

Choose a Persian name for your cat and add a subtle air of distinction to their personality. Of course, if you have a Persian cat a Farsi name is only fitting! Stay with us at AnimalWised and discover the best Persian or Farsi names for cats!

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The Persian Cat: A Rare Beauty

As all cat lovers know, the Persian cat is a beautiful creature with a long, lustrous mane. These cats are known for their gentle temperament and easy adjustment to a new environment, which makes them ideal show cats. Quiet but interactive, Persian cats are affectionate and loving companions.

Choosing a Persian or Farsi name for your Persian cat will carry forward the unique cultural legacy of this feline creature. Here you can learn more about the origin and types of Persian cats, how to care for their coat, how to bathe them and their most common diseases.

Persian or Farsi Names for Cats - The Persian Cat: A Rare Beauty

Bring Out the Tiger in Your Persian Cat

With a Farsi name like Babr - or Babri for females - meaning "tiger", your cat can capture the majestic feel of the king of felines. If your cat is courageous and bold one, with a flair for daring, Babr is the right name to choose.

Palang, on the other hand, means "leopard" in Persian. A fierce and majestic disposition deserves a royal name, and another perfect Farsi name is Shir or "lion". If your cat is female, choose Shiri or "lioness".

Pussycat Names With Character

If your cat is intelligent and alert, choose Arash, which means "bright" and was the name of a legendary archer. You can also consider the Persian name for Aristotle the philosopher, Arastoo.

For capricious female cats, choose Arezu or "desire". For a free-ranging tomcat, name him Azad or "free", or Bahar or "spring". Another Farsi name for your Persian cat can be Bala. This means “mischievous” and it is ideal for the playful, frolicsome cat. If your cat is a naughty one, opt for the name Sheitoon. This means "player" or "naughty".

Farang is another popular choice when it comes to Persian names for cats: it means "European", and it's ideal for a refined cat with continental mannerisms. Maloos or Malus is a great name for an affectionate cat, because it means lovable. Shirin is another great name, and it means "sweet" in Farsi.

Literal Names For Cats

For cats that don't stop meowing, choose Ava, a name that means "voice". If your cat is haughty and dignified, choose Banu ("lady"), Baraz ("exalted") or Mirza ("prince"). On the other hand, a cheerful and "happy" cat will suit the name Dilshad.

Gorbeh is a Farsi name that literally means "pussycat". If your cat is a great mouser, consider naming him or her Moosh, "mouse" in Persian. If you want to choose a vocal name, consider Miau, which is the Persian sound for "meow".

A handsome, well-mannered tomcat should be called Hasan. "Lovely" or "beautiful", Naaz is another great Farsi name for a cat, and it's very popular. Similarly, you can name your cat Nazy, which means "cute".

Other popular Farsi names for cats are Pisho and Pishy. If your cat likes playing with wool or cotton balls, or is furry like one, choose the name Pambeh, which means "cotton" or "cotton ball" in Persian.

Character Farsi Names For Cats

Huge, fluffy Persian cats can be named Karkadann, a huge, unicorn-like creature from Persian mythology that is fierce with strangers but gentle with maidens. If your cat is a true hero and engages in daring acts of bravery every day, consider naming him after the famous hero Rostam, the mighty paladin. He married Tahmina, who came "from the stock of lions and leopards". A Peri is a fairy or spirit, sometimes good, sometimes evil, but always beautiful.

A pure white cat surely earns the moniker of Sefidi or "Snow White", Morvarid, "pearl", or Yasmin, "jasmine". A reddish cat will suit the name Azar, or "fire". For an more fanciful name, choose Golnar, the Farsi name for the bright red "pomegranate flower". For a black beauty, consider the name Siah which stands for "black".

Persian or Farsi Names for Cats - Character Farsi Names For Cats

Now that you have discovered our favorite Persian or Farsi names for cats, share your favorites in the comments section! If you still haven't found the perfect name for your cat, keep browsing these articles:

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As an Iranian I have to say most of these names are silly or bizarre to use.
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Persian or Farsi Names for Cats