Good Kiwi Dog Names - More than 100 Names with Meanings!

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. January 3, 2018
Good Kiwi Dog Names - More than 100 Names with Meanings!

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As you may already know, 'kiwi' is the nickname given to those who come from the Oceanic (or should we say Zealandic) country of New Zealand. This name was given due to the fact that this is the only country in the world where you can find the Kiwi bird, an endangered flightless bird that is endemic to the New Zealand islands. If you live in the country or have a very close relationship with Kiwis and their country, then there's no better way to pay homage to this beautiful land than by naming your dog in Maori (the natives' language) or after one of the many beautiful countryside places that New Zealand has to offer. Take a look at more than 100 ideas for good Kiwi dog names and pick the one you like the most!

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  1. Why give a dog a Kiwi name?
  2. Kiwi dog names - Male
  3. Kiwi dog names - Female
  4. Kiwi dog names - Unisex

Why give a dog a Kiwi name?

So you're thinking about giving your dog a Kiwi name? As explained above, people from New Zealand are nicknamed 'Kiwis' because of the national bird: the Kiwi. This endangered species is only found in specific habitats of the Zealandic islands and is thus the national symbol. The indigenous Maoris were the first to hold this bird in high regard and named it Tāne , the god of the forest, or te manu huna a Tāne in their native language. This is why we have created a list of names for your dog with Maori names, as well as those that are closely related to New Zealand.

This is not the only criteria followed to choose this list of good names, as we have selected those that are best for your dog to learn their name, which is up to several other factors:

  • Names that cannot be confused with basic orders such as "no", "drop" or "sit".
  • It is said that the best names for a dog to remember are those that have around two syllables.
  • Dogs understand vocals better than vowels

Kiwi dog names - Male

We have selected kiwi names for male dogs according to Maori gods, names as well as those that can closely relate to your dog's physical appearance, character and can remind you of beautiful places in New Zealand:

  • Ahera (Maori for Asher)
  • Aika (Ngai Tahu chief)
  • Amako )defender of Te Namu)
  • Amiri (East wind)
  • Anaru (Maori for Andrew)
  • Arama (Maori for Adam)
  • Arawata (south Island river)
  • Cook (after the explorer James Cook)
  • Ekara (eagle)
  • Eruera (Happy guardian)
  • Haena (Ngati Mutinga chief)
  • Hakia (chief of upper Whanganui)
  • Hanu (Waikato chief)
  • Haraki (priest of Tuhoe)
  • Haratario (chief of Wai ngongoro)
  • Hirini (Sydney in Maori)
  • Hongi (greeting in Maori)
  • Ingoa (Ngati Toa chief)
  • Kae ( name of the man that killed Tinrau's pet whale)
  • Kahu (Harrier Hawk)
  • Kapiti (town in NZ)
  • Kea (name of mountain parrot)
  • Kiki (wizard)
  • Kingi (king)
  • Kiwi
  • Kpoeke (Ngati Kuapoto chief)
  • Koro (from "Whale Rider")
  • Mahora (flat land)
  • Mahuta (king of Maoris)
  • Maka (south Island chief)
  • Makaku (leader of Whanganui attack)
  • Mango (shark in Maori)
  • Manu (power)
  • Matewa (dream time of the soul)
  • Moa (extinct flightless bird)
  • Motu (north island river)
  • Nahi (Nelson)
  • Nopera (noble)
  • Paikea (tribal chief)
  • Pakeha (foreigner)
  • Pango (Ngati-Whakaue chief)
  • Petipeti (ocean god)
  • Piki (Ngati-Koura chief)
  • Pikira (Felix in Maori)
  • Poporo (Hauraki chief)
  • Punga (son of Kaitangata)
  • Roake (minor god)
  • Rongo (god of fertility and rain)
  • Tahoke (chief of Ngati-Maniapoto)
  • Taiepa (minor god)
  • Taipo (golblin)
  • Tane (major god)
  • Tasman (after explorer Abel Tasman)
  • Toru (native evergreen tree)
  • Tuki (fairy chief)
  • Tupai (minor god)
  • Uenuku (god of the rainbow)
  • Weka (native bird)
  • Witi (author of "The Whale Rider")
Good Kiwi Dog Names - More than 100 Names with Meanings! - Kiwi dog names - Male

Kiwi dog names - Female

Now, let's take a look at some of the best kiwi names for female dogs. In this list, you'll find names of native Kiwi plants and flowers, Maori names and other great names related to New Zealand:

  • Akona (Maori for "to teach)
  • Amiria (Amelia in Maori)
  • Anahera (Angel in Maori)
  • Areta (Alice in Maori)
  • Atamarie (sunrise)
  • Fern (common plant in NZ)
  • Haki (Ngai Tahu woman)
  • Heeni (Jane in Maori)
  • Hinimona (godess)
  • Kaewa (Te Hakehe's wife)
  • Kanono (small tree)
  • Karakia (prayer chant)
  • Koria (child of the sun)
  • Kura (treasure in Maori)
  • Lani (flower)
  • Maata (lady)
  • Maikkara (a woman from Ngati Manawa)
  • Mahuika (godess of fire)
  • Manuka (native flower)
  • Marore (wife of Te Rauparaha)
  • Ngaire (silver fern)
  • Omaka (where streams flow)
  • Pania (Maori myth, beautiful female)
  • Pianga (faughter of Tawhaki)
  • Pipi (Phoebe in Maori)
  • Rea (Lea in Maori)
  • Reka (sweet)
  • Riana (Diana in Maori)
  • Roha (rose)
  • Rona (Mai-tara-nui's daughter)
  • Ruihi (lucky)
  • Tahuri (mother of Kiwi)
  • Taimana (diamond)
  • Takira (Kahukura's mother)
  • Taupahi (Kukupa's wife)
  • Wahire (woman)
  • Waiata (song)

Kiwi dog names - Unisex

Still haven't found the good Kiwi dog name you were looking for? Take a look at these names that can suit a male and female dog perfectly, as they are unisex!

  • Aoraki (highest mountain, cloud pierce)
  • Dagg (After the sound)
  • Dusky (after Dusky Sound)
  • Fantail (native bird)
  • Haka (Maori dance)
  • Kauri (native tree)
  • Karakara (native fruit plant)
  • Karo (native fruit plant)
  • Kiri (bark of a tree)
  • Mirama (place where the sea meets the river)
  • Milford (after the fiord)
  • Mohua (native,yellow-headed bird)
  • Moana (wild water)
  • Mokihi (raft)
  • Nikau (native palm tree)
  • Oreti (after a New Zealand river)
  • Poto (short)
  • Rangi (heaven)
  • Rapoka (sea lion)
  • Rhui (Star)
  • Tahake (endangered bird)
  • Tapu (scared)
  • Tomtit (endemic small bird)
  • Tuatara (native reptile)

We hope you found the perfect name for your pooch! For more information, you can find more names in other languages of the world, such as Kurdish, Zulu or Chinese.

Good Kiwi Dog Names - More than 100 Names with Meanings! - Kiwi dog names - Unisex

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Good Kiwi Dog Names - More than 100 Names with Meanings!