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How To Calm Down A Dog

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: February 7, 2019
How To Calm Down A Dog

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One of the main behavioral problems often mentioned by dog caregivers has to do with the hyperactivity of the dog. This high energy level can make a dog appear; restless, nervous and/or anxious, thus making coexistence in the household or with other people, difficult.

A loud and hyperactive dog is, in addition, one of the main excuses for dog abandonment. It is therefore very important to learn how to have a well-trained and calm dog. For this reason, in this AnimalWised article, we will be discussing how to calm a dog, allowing you the opportunity to enjoy a happy coexistence at home.

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  1. What to consider before adopting a dog
  2. Calm down a dog: Importance of exercise
  3. Calm down a dog: Education
  4. Calm down a dog: Play
  5. Calm down a dog: Relationship between dog and owner
  6. Calm down a dog: Why is my puppy hyper?

What to consider before adopting a dog

Dogs, have their own individual character, so we should not assume that all dogs are immediately: affectionate, playful, quiet or obedient. Thus, before adopting a dog, it is important that you consult with the people initially responsible for the dog. Find out about the dog's individual characteristics and temperament. By doing this, you can then decide whether this is a dog that you believe you can handle and care for.

If you are wondering how to have or calm your dog, you must understand that its energy is congenial with ours. For example: if you live in a small space, work a lot and cannot meet the needs of a puppy, whose unspent energy will most likely lead to destruction.

Before we move onto how you can calm down a dog, you also need to considered whether or not your dog is suffering from anxiety. For more, we recommend taking a look at: 10 signs your dog is stressed.

Calm down a dog: Importance of exercise

If we want to understand how to train a dog to be calm, you need to be aware of the importance of exercise. While the intensity of this will depend on the dog's individual characteristics, in the end, they will all need daily exercise. Dog walks are fundamental in keeping a dog calm. Dogs can also benefit a lot from other forms of exercise, such as: agility sports, games and swimming.

Dog experts recommend walking your dog three times a day. They advise going on two 15 minute walks, and one longer walk of 40-60 minutes. You should however, always take your own dog into account as these times will differ depending on size, weight and age. If you have a puppy, you must remember that they should not be in contact with other dogs unless they have received all of their necessary vaccinations.

Even animals that live on large farms will need to be taken for walks. This is because these dogs become familiar with their own land and get bored, showing signs of restlessness. This restlessness can possibly lead to them them escaping or becoming destructive. A dog that exercises sufficiently and has the opportunity to channel all of its energy, will naturally feel calmer.

How To Calm Down A Dog - Calm down a dog: Importance of exercise

Calm down a dog: Education

It is not that our dog responds to our indications in a mechanical way, but when a dog knows the basic obedience commands it can help us, and them, remain safe and calm. These commands are those that include:'' sit down, walk next to me, lie down and wait.'' To know more about how to teach these basic commands, take a look at our article on; dog training guide- basic level.

Teaching our dogs such commands can bring them calmness. They will have clearer direction and guidance and therefore feel more secure. For example, if you are in an unknown and/or hostile place, such as a veterinary clinic, our dog may find itself confused and nervous, which it might demonstrate through barking or jumping on people.

In such moments of uncertainty, hearing the sounds of their owner's voice and/or a word that they know and are familiar with: can help to calm a dog. We recommend and remind you to always train your dog using positive reinforcement. Fighting or punishing a dog is counterproductive to their development.

Calm down a dog: Play

Playing is another fundamental pillar in the development of a calm dog. We recommend trying different games with your dog to find out which one they seem to like the most. For example; some prefer to run aimlessly, while others prefer to chase a ball.

A good game session is sometimes all a dog needs in order to channel and release energy, leaving them calm, quiet and receptive. However, we suggest avoiding games which cause an animal to feel overexcited, nervous or obsessive. We also advise you to allow your dog to play with other dogs, as long as both are well socialized and vaccinated appropriately.

How To Calm Down A Dog - Calm down a dog: Play

Calm down a dog: Relationship between dog and owner

Now, one of the most important aspects in having a calm and comfortable dog is based on the: strength of their bond with their owner. If a dog is with their owner and they feel safe and secure, they will immediately remain calm.

In order to encourage this bond: share walks together, give your dog love and affection and focus on using positive reinforcement. The behavior of a dog will reflect that of their owner. Therefore, if we (as their owner) shout and gesticulate, a dog will catch on to this emotion and possibly mirror us.

Calm down a dog: Why is my puppy hyper?

A hyper and loud puppy is more common than you may think. In order to have a calm and quiet puppy, some things need to be taken into consideration. The first to remember, is that you should ensure that the age of separation of the puppies from their mother has been respected. If a puppy is separated from their mother too early, it will appear and result in a stressed and nervous animal.

At what age does a dog start to calm down?

We must know that it is completely normal for a puppy to be active and want to: play, walk and nibble all the time. This is a behavior that, if managed, will remit over a couple of months.

Therefore, in order to have a quiet dog during this stage you must: establish clear limits, dedicate a lot of time and offer your puppy fun and appropriate activities. If you are finding this training process difficult, you have the option of consulting a puppy specialist for advice. Remember that taking care of a puppy takes time and effort, and this needs to be considered before adoption.

How To Calm Down A Dog - Calm down a dog: Why is my puppy hyper?

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How To Calm Down A Dog