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Is Sea Water Good for a Dog's Skin?

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: December 2, 2022
Is Sea Water Good for a Dog's Skin?

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We should all know the benefits bathing in water can provide our dogs. The occasional bath allows us to improve a dog's hygiene as well as better maintain their coat. Swimming in the sea can provide great joy for the animal, although this will depend on their spirit of adventure. Even hydrotherapy can be used to treat health problems, especially those related to joints and movement in older dogs. We may also be aware that the high salinity of saltwater can cause various problems, but we may not be sure how it will affect our dog's coat and skin.

At AnimalWised, we ask is sea water good for a dog's skin? By looking at dogs and salt water, we can find out how it affects their skin quality and what we need to consider if we take our dog to the beach.

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  1. Benefits of seawater for dogs' skin
  2. Sea water for scabies
  3. Ocean water baths for dogs
  4. Can dogs drink seawater?

Benefits of seawater for dogs' skin

According to French researcher René Quinton , sea water is good for dogs. In this study, he found that seawater composition includes almost all the elements of the periodic table, as well as a wide variety of additional beneficial nutrients. Thus, after several experiments, he was able to discover that diluted seawater helped to stabilize a patients' organism, treating organ related problems. They also found it to be incredibly effective in aiding the treatment of serious cases of bleeding, by injecting the liquid as a transfusion.

In his study, the benefits of seawater for dogs in its diluted, injected or drinking form were revealed. However, this discovery also looked into understanding why seawater baths are able to significantly improve the state of a dog's dermis. As we said, thanks to the water's composition, a body manages to stabilize, thereby strengthening its immune system and protecting it from pathogens.Thereby benefiting the skin´s defense system. Let's take a look at the main benefits of seawater for the skin of dogs:

Regenerates damaged tissue

Seawater has important antiseptic healing properties, so that when the damaged skin comes into contact with this liquid, the process of regeneration is activated. Of course, for the results to be as expected, it is necessary that the seawater is not contaminated.

Helps disinfect wounds

Thanks to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, seawater favors the correct disinfection of any type of slight wound. In this way, it is a perfect natural remedy to heal and disinfect wounds caused by scratches or first and second degree burns. In cases of very serious injuries, such as those caused by third or fourth degree burns, or wounds produced during a fight with another dog, they should be attended to by a veterinarian. Once analyzed by a vet, they can consult you on whether sea water is an adequate treatment for your dog's specific case.

For minor injuries, you can choose to either go for a a sea bath or use a topical application on the affected area. In order to do this, you can collect a little liquid in a bottle, clean the dog's lesion with it and let it act for a few seconds. Remove the remains, replace it with another layer of seawater, dry and finally, cover the wound with a dressing.

Relieves itching

Due to the antibiotic and soothing properties of seawater, it is perfect for patients suffering from:

Sea water reduces the inflammation and irritation that these pathologies produce in an affected dog. Sea water also deters the dog from scratching, thereby avoiding new wounds. However, it should be noted that seawater should never act as the only used treatment for such conditions, it should be a complement to veterinary treatment, aiding to speed up the recovery process.

Is Sea Water Good for a Dog's Skin? - Benefits of seawater for dogs' skin

Sea water for scabies

As noted in the previous section, seawater is good for dogs and can help relieve symptoms caused by skin conditions such as scabies. This treatment requires letting your dog take a daily bath in the sea. Allow them to swim freely, giving the water an opportunity to act on the infected skin. Swimming in the ocean can also help fight the presence of the mites that cause scabies, disinfecting them and relieving the itching. Remember that this method is only helps but does not treat fully. Sea water should be used as a complementary option to the treatment prescribed by a doctor.

After bathing in seawater, once this natural liquid has already taken effect, it is essential to bathe the dog with prescribed shampoo. Make sure that this shampoo is dermoprotective, so as not add additional damage your dog's skin.

If you do not have access to the sea or beach, you can buy bottled sea water and carry out these baths at home. In fact, another effective remedy to help reduce: itching, inflammation and irritation produced by scabies, is to make a seawater and olive oil spray. Fill a sprayer with seawater and one spoonful of olive oil, shake, and apply directly to the affected area.

All these tips are applicable to other skin conditions, such as: atopic and seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, ringworm, allergies or pyoderma.

Is Sea Water Good for a Dog's Skin? - Sea water for scabies

Ocean water baths for dogs

For seawater baths to take effect, it is essential not to force your dog to take them. If your dog has a phobia of the sea, never force it to bathe in it as this fear can develop into equally serious disorders, such as stress or anxiety. In the case that your dog is too scared to bathe in the ocean, we advise carrying out sea baths at home, in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

If you do not have access to the sea, you should know that there is also have the possibility of simulating sea water yourself. In order to do make homemade seawater, follow these instructions:

  • 1 liter of hot or distilled water
  • 60 grams of pure sea salt

If your water is not distilled, we recommend heating the water. Once hot, add the salt and mix well. Optionally, you can add a couple drops of; tea tree oil, neem oil, almond oil or olive oil. You can use this solution as a bath or spray.

Is Sea Water Good for a Dog's Skin? - Ocean water baths for dogs

Can dogs drink seawater?

As we mentioned in the first sections, René Quinton discovered that diluted sea water offers multiple benefits to all mammals. Dogs can drink seawater, but not straight from the ocean. To elaborate, this water is classified into two types: hypertonic water, corresponding to pure sea water, and isotonic water, referring to diluted seawater. Isotonic water is the water recommended in the Quinton method. You can buy this isotonic water already prepared, or make it at home yourself.

To make isotonic water at home, you must dilute 1 part of seawater into 3 parts of drinking water, preferably of weak mineralization. From this obtained solution, it is recommended to give the dog 20ml of isotonic sea water daily, no more. The introduction of this liquid should be progressive.

In addition to offering isotonic sea water for drinking, we can use this solution to cook our dog's food, as long as you follow a homemade diet. So, instead of boiling meat, fish or vegetables in normal water, you can do it in three parts of fresh water and one part seawater. This way, our dog will take advantage of all the benefits of seawater for its skin and whole body.

Is Sea Water Good for a Dog's Skin? - Can dogs drink seawater?

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Is Sea Water Good for a Dog's Skin?