The 5 Best Singing Birds

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 26, 2016
The 5 Best Singing Birds

If you are planning on adopting a songbird to brighten your morning, or if you want to attract birds to your garden, read on! AnimalWised has compiled a list of the top 5 birds with the best birdsong, along with some interesting facts that you should consider if you want to adopt one. Remember that birds need very specific care and are very delicate animals, which should be considered prior to adoption. In addition, exotic bird veterinarians are not exactly cheap.

However, with proper care you can keep your songbird free from sickness for many years. Read on and discover the best 5 singing birds, and decide what is the perfect bird for you!

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1. Goldfinch

The goldfinch is definitely a bird of beautiful colors and lovely birdsong. These birds commonly feature in bird shows and contests, given the delicacy of the bird's song. It's really popular and we are not surprised.

However, due to malpractice and illegal activity in which goldfinches are abused and mistreated, keeping, breeding or adopting these birds is now banned in many places. The goldfinch is a protected bird and for that reason we can only enjoy seeing - and hearing - it in the wild, in its free state.

Still, in some places keeping males is allowed, provided that a license is shown. We recommend not carrying out these practices since many of the birds that are caught eventually die of sadness and anxiety at suddenly being locked in small cages.

The 5 Best Singing Birds - 1. Goldfinch

2. Canary

The second on our list is the canary bird, a popular bird that's well known for its intense yellow color. Of course, there actually are canaries of all colors, including white or red.

These birds are really beautiful, playful and very intelligent. Furthermore, they have a lovely song. Having a canary at home will certainly brighten up your mornings, with both the male and female emitting equally pleasant birdsong. Having said that, the male's tune is usually more elaborate and intense.

The canary, unlike the goldfinch, is not a protected bird and can be adopted without a problem, wherever you are. Discover how to teach a young canary to sing at home with AnimalWised.

The 5 Best Singing Birds - 2. Canary

3. Blackbird

Although it is not usual to find someone with a blackbird as a pet, they are famous for their songs. Besides being very intelligent, blackbirds are able to learn a selection of songs, creating well-worked melodies.

Why not scatter some birdseeds in your garden for them to enjoy? You'll be really be pleasantly surprised to hear them sing. Currently, keeping blackbirds in homes is not permitted.

The 5 Best Singing Birds - 3. Blackbird

4. Nightingale

Present in European and Asian forests, this small bird has an amazing birdsong. It includes very different tones and melodies usually learnt from their parents, which is then passed on to their young. They are brownish in color and their appearance is rather simple and humble in contrast to her beautiful voice.

Unlike other birds, it does not only sing early in the morning and evening. The nightingale likes to sing late into the night, surprising in the silence of the darkness - as their name points out.

The 5 Best Singing Birds - 4. Nightingale

5. Robin

The most outstanding feature of the robin is obviously its pretty red color. However, its delicate singing attracts every bird lover. It moves from northern Europe to central Asia and later to the Maghreb, always in search of warmth. It is also found in the Canary Islands and the British Isles.

Unlike other birds, the robin is less suspicious of humans. Perhaps it is for this reason that is represented in art and folklore across different times in history, including Viking mythology, the French Middle Age or during the Roman Empire.

The 5 Best Singing Birds - 5. Robin

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The 5 Best Singing Birds
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The 5 Best Singing Birds

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