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Why Do Cats Sleep On Top Of You?

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: February 18, 2019
Why Do Cats Sleep On Top Of You?

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No matter what you do, your loving feline, despite having its own bed, insists on sleeping with you. Every night after just getting under your duvet, do you feel the weight of those little paws above your body, slowly positioning its own little body on top of yours?

There are several reasons why cats do this, including the need for; love, comfort, protection and security. If you want to know why your cat sleeps on top of you, keep reading this AnimalWised article for more information.

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  1. Why is my cat always on top of me?
  2. Why does my cat sleep on my head?
  3. Is it bad if my cat sleeps with me?

Why is my cat always on top of me?

There are several reasons that lead cats to sleep on top of their human companions. In this article we will be explaining these different reasons in detail;

Your cat wants to feel safe

As with other mammals, it is very important for cats to feel safe, especially when sleeping. The reason for this is that during resting hours, a cat lowers their guard: increasing their chances of being attacked by a predator.

As a response to their natural survival instincts, cats look for safety in the home. One of the safest places for cats is on top or by the stomach and feet of their humans. Not only do they feel safer in these positions, but they also receive the warmth and company that they desire. In this way, they get both the warmth of contact and the comfort and security that they require for a good night's sleep.

Your cat misses you

It’s also common that if you live alone and spend most of your day at work or outside of the home, that your cat will miss your company. While cats are independent animals, they also need love and attention. Even if they live with other kittens or pets, a domestic cat will always need the attention and care of its owner.

For more, take a look at our article about the signs that your cat loves you.

Why Do Cats Sleep On Top Of You? - Why is my cat always on top of me?

Why does my cat sleep on my head?

Although your cat can sleep on your belly, arm or legs or most of the time their favorite place to sleep proves to be on a human’s head. If you have cats and want to know why your cat sleeps on your head, we’ll explain it to you:

Sleeping habits

Many people are restless when asleep, naturally moving their hands and feet excessively. Felines are incredibly sensitive, therefore these such movements can bother them and disrupt their sleep patterns.

For this reason, a cat will prefer to lay on a calmer area, safely distanced from moving arms and legs. This is the reason that a cat will choose to sleep on your head, as the movements are smaller and less disruptive. By doing this the cat receives best of both worlds: sleeping peacefully and with you by its side.

Your cat likes your smell

As you already know, cats are very territorial animals, which means that they feel more secure in areas where your smell is present. In this sense,your cat will sleep on your head is because it feels safer when it can smell you are close.

In addition, being close to you not only allows it to smell you, but vice versa, making you "part of your cats territory."

Cats like warmth

A cat’s body temperature is different to a humans, therefore cold affects them more than it would humans. This is why cats always look for warmer places to rest. Cats sleep with you for the warmth that you and your body provides.

For more on cats and their relationship with temperature, take a look at our article on: Why do cats like the sun?

Why Do Cats Sleep On Top Of You? - Why does my cat sleep on my head?

Is it bad if my cat sleeps with me?

Many people think that cats are harmful to health, especially when it comes to the contraction of possible diseases. Similarly, some people argue that feline fur is harmful to human health. However, these statements are not entirely true.

When you have a cat that plays outside, it is true that you need to be more wary of contracting parasites and/or diseases. This responsibility, however, should be taken even if you don’t sleep with your cat. If you are a responsible tutor and take your cat for regular checkups, there should be no problems when it comes to sleeping with your cat.

That is why we recommend that you watch over your cat’s hygiene and comply with its vaccination and deworming schedule.

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Why Do Cats Sleep On Top Of You?