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Furniture for Cats

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: April 24, 2018
Furniture for Cats

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Many pet owners and cat lovers are starting to see a rise in furniture made exclusively for cats becoming available in shops. This is why here at AnimalWised we have prepared a photo gallery so that you can learn about and maybe consider a different kind of furniture for your home.

You can buy a new piece of furniture, a second hand piece, or even a make one yourself if you have the time and space to devote to your cat. Keep reading this AnimalWised article on furniture for cats.

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  1. Beds for cats
  2. Seats and chairs for cats
  3. Sandboxes
  4. Feeders for cats

Beds for cats

As a rule, cats become masters and commanders of your entire home. This includes hours of occupying armchairs, beds, countertops and any other surfaces - your laptop also seems a wonderful place. Still, cats love having their own bed and it makes them feel special. Have a look at these original beds for cats!

Small-scale realistic bed, in a Japanese style:

Furniture for Cats - Beds for cats

Suitcase bed for the more hipster cats, a real current trend:

Furniture for Cats -

Original, curved design:

Furniture for Cats -

Ideal for Apple fans:

Furniture for Cats -

Seats and chairs for cats

Another kind of furniture for cats is mini-sized seating. This furniture is made just for cats, and so they will truly find it comfortable. Getting your pet its own chair is a nice and brilliant idea! Look at all these different styles; they will not leave you indifferent:

A stately chaise longue, for the more eccentric and well-off cats:

Furniture for Cats - Seats and chairs for cats

Another chaise longue model, in this case more homely:

Furniture for Cats -

This home-made design is simple but very customizable, ideal for creative people who love DIY, crafts, and painting and coloring:

Furniture for Cats -

A discrete and minimalist design for the more timid cat owner - that is, those who don't want others to think they're nutty cat lovers and would rather pretend it's for their nephews:

Furniture for Cats -

This hammock type design will also go almost unnoticed among your friends. You can also apply it to any type of coffee table you already have in your home

Furniture for Cats -

This is a fun option if you like to see your pet a in human position - or if you want your cat to feel like it is in a photo shoot:

Furniture for Cats -

This chaise longue has a fairly simple design and is easy to make at home in a DIY version:

Furniture for Cats -

A fun pastel hideout that looks a bit like a Coco Chanel design. Fancy!

Furniture for Cats -


Sandboxes are aesthetically quite simple, and they're not nice if they are always in eyesight of your finest guests. To make them more stylish, you should consider some of these original ideas.

Ingenious, discreet and simple! There are currently many designs in this style for the bathroom or living room:

Furniture for Cats - Sandboxes
Furniture for Cats -

If hiding your cat's needs is not your style, you can be original with this sandbox-toilet. You will not leave anyone indifferent, that's for sure!

Furniture for Cats -

Feeders for cats

Feeders are also an option if you're looking to decorate your home with exclusive furniture for cats. Keep the ideas given below in mind.

Slim, linear and fixed to the wall:

Furniture for Cats - Feeders for cats

A simple and rustic style, very easy to make at home:

Furniture for Cats -

And finally we come to this last idea, also easy to make, ideal for people with little space at home:

Furniture for Cats -

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Furniture for Cats