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Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: December 11, 2018
Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures

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Australia is a fascinating country not only for its culture and its people, but also for its natural beauty and environment. Australian fauna and flora are unique, revealing an enormous amount of endemic species, many of which make Australia so popular around the world.

When we talk about the Australian fauna, maybe you immediately think of kangaroos or koalas. However, Australian soil has also gifted us with amazing Australian dog breeds. The dog breeds are unique both in appearance and temperament. If you would like to discover which dogs make up the Australian dog breed list, keep reading here at AnimalWised. In addition, we will include some Australian dog breed pictures for your reading pleasure.

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  1. The Australian terrier
  2. Australian Cattle Dog
  3. Australian Kelpie
  4. Australian Silky Terrier
  5. Australian Staghound
  6. Australian Kangaroo Dog
  7. Beaglier
  8. Bull Arab
  9. Miniature Fox Terrier
  10. Koolie
  11. Tenterfield terrier
  12. Jack Russell terrier
  13. Stumpy tail cattle dog
  14. Australian Dingo
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1. The Australian terrier

As its name suggests, the Australian terrier is an Australian dog breed that belongs to the terrier family.

It’s a small dog, with an elongated body, short legs and well proportioned limbs. It carries rough fur that may appear in different shades of grey, blue or brown. Australian terriers are vivacious, courageous and active. They are considered excellent companion dogs when well educated and socialized. If you like terrier dog breeds, you’ll love our article on: Types of terrier dogs: Terrier breeds around the world.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 1. The Australian terrier

2. Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian cattle dog, simply known as cattle dog, is one of Australia's most internationally recognized breeds of dogs. However, we should not confuse it with the Australian shepherd, which is a dog breed that actually originated in the United States with Spanish origin.

The first ancestors of Australian cattle dog breeds were born from crosses between the dingo and Highland collies. But this breeds appearance, as we know it today, is the result of the selective breeding of its ancestors with other dog breeds. These other dog breeds include: Dalmatians, bull terriers and the Australian kelpies. The result is an Australian cattle dog breeds with a particular beauty, remarkable intelligence, great courage and endless energy.

Currently, they are not very popular as companion dogs, probably because of the time and dedication that their care requires from their tutors. Because they are such energetic and intelligent dogs, the Australian cattle dog needs requires a high dose of physical exercises daily. This intelligent dog breed needs to be constantly stimulated, both mentally and physically. If you want to discover more about this Australian dog breed, we recommend reading our breed file where we discuss everything yo u need to know before adopting an Australian Cattle dog.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 2. Australian Cattle Dog

3. Australian Kelpie

According to FCI classification, the Australian Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog breed. Its appearance is the result of selective breeding, mixing Northern English collies and native Australian dog breeds. Some believe that Border collies and dingoes were also used in the creation of Australian Kelpies.

This Australian dog breed is incredibly strong and has a great predisposition to both work and training. His head resembles that of a fox, carrying noticeably almond shaped eyes and a tender expression. In Australia, the Kelpie is admired for its inexhaustible energy, its ability to learn and its extremely strong desire for exercise.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 3. Australian Kelpie

4. Australian Silky Terrier

The Australian silky terrier or Silky terrier is a type of Australian dog which came from British mixes. When looking at this dog breed, you can clearly see that it carries a lot of Yorkshire terrier in its roots, due to its strong resemblance.

Like its ancestors, the silky terrier was originally trained as a hunting dog, known to for hunting rats and small rodents. This Australian hunting dog breed has currently gained popularity as a companion dog. Australian silky terriers are known for being affectionate with their tutors, but weary with strangers. Therefore, early socialization is key when it comes to this dog breed in order to ensure that they relate well with other people and dogs. For more about canine socialization, we recommend reading our article where we discuss how to: Socialize puppies and adult dogs.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 4. Australian Silky Terrier

5. Australian Staghound

This is an Australian dog which is perfect for a pet and as was historically used to hunt kangaroo and boars. Akin to the Greyhound, the Staghound of the US and a Scottish Deerhound, the Australian Staghound is native to the Land Down Under. However, it has not been officially recognized as a breed and could be considered a lurcher in other countries.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 5. Australian Staghound
Image: pinterest

6. Australian Kangaroo Dog

This is an Australian Kangaroo dog known for its energetic temperament and breeding focuses on the working ability of dogs. The speed and fantastic eyesight of this sighthound are awesome. These "roo" dogs are found in rural communities and are suited to the warmer parts of the country. Scenting abilities are the reason this dog is well known.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 6. Australian Kangaroo Dog
Image: dogbreedinfo

7. Beaglier

This is a designer breed, which mixes the Beagle and the King Charles Spaniel. It sadly became popular through crossbreeding in the late 20th century. Popular in Australia on account of their friendly and caring temperament, they have short rounded muzzles. Variable markings and coat colors make for an attractive dog. Beagliers are tricolored and have a coat which is soft and smooth. Beagliers are small to middle sized dogs weighing between 4.5 to 11.5 kgs and height of around 40 cm. Affectionate, caring and friendly, they are confident and intelligent. They are good pack dogs.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 7. Beaglier
Image: animatch

7. Bull Arab

The Bull Arab is an Australian hunting dog breed. They are incredibly intelligent, agile and stable. This dog breed originates from a selective mix of; bull terrier, greyhound and pointer.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 7. Bull Arab

8. Miniature Fox Terrier

This is a small sized, lightweight working terrier known as the Mini Foxie in Aussie lingo. A balanced dog breed with smooth muscles, it has a distinctive head and an oval shaped foot. There are three colored variants of coats, namely black and white, tan and white and black, tan and white. The fox terrier has short, fine hairs and weighs around 3.5 to 5.5 kg and is around 30 cm high on an average. This fox terrier is a loving and playful dog.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 8. Miniature Fox Terrier
Image: petguide

9. Koolie

Koolies are Australian dog breeds which have not yet been officially recognized by the FCI. This Australian dog breed is very popular in rural areas of Oceania and are practically unknown outside of their homeland. Koolies were originally known as working field dogs, with a powerful grazing instinct.

Little is known about the birthplace and origin of this Australian dog breed. Koolies do, however, reveal similarities with Kelpies, border collies and Australian shepherds. They have an energetic, attentive and intelligent temperament. With the adequate physical and cognitive stimulation, they are known for being incredibly loyal to their families. For more, we recommend taking a look at our article on: Australian native dog breeds.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 9. Koolie

10. Tenterfield terrier

The Tenterfield terrier is an admirable example of Australian terrier dogs, likely holding origins to miniature fox terriers which were very popular in Australia during the 19th century. Despite their small size, they are very brave, energetic and resistant. They are known for being quite healthy, able to live for more than 18 years (ensuring they have received adequate care and training).

Tenterfield terriers are still very popular in Australia for hunting small rodents. In addition, they are also popular as companion dogs. But before adopting this Australian dog breed as a pet, it is essential to take into account its strong personality and hunting instinct. These characteristics make its education and early socialization indispensable.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 10. Tenterfield terrier

11. Jack Russell terrier

Jack Russel terriers are considered dog breeds of shared origin. This dog breed originated in the United Kingdom but developed mostly in Australia. Jack russels have strong personlaities and are both courageous and energetic.

Thanks to its well-developed senses, intelligence and predisposition to work, Jack Russel terriers usually respond very well to positive training. They tend to perform very well in tracking activities, such as truffle searches. They are excellent companion dogs, very loyal to their tutors and have a very balanced temperament. Like with all dogs, however, they need to be socialized from when they are puppies.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 11. Jack Russell terrier

12. Stumpy tail cattle dog

The Australian stumpy tail cattle dog is a naturally tailless dog breed. Although they are related to Australian shepherd dogs, they are different in appearance (starting with their obvious short tail) and temperament. Unlike their "relatives," Australian short-tailed shepherds are dogs from Australia.

Information about the origin of this Australian dog breed are still not entirely clear. Many believe, however, that they first ancestors were a cross between dingoes and Smithfield dog breed. These dogs then crossed paths with Smooth collie dogs from Scotland and, possibly, Australian sheep dogs from England.

The stumpy tail Australian cattle dog is officially recognized by the Kennel Club of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. The FCI has also granted this breed provisional recognition.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 12. Stumpy tail cattle dog

13. Australian Dingo

The Australian dingo (Canis lupus dingo) is a species of canidae. The Australian dingo is considered an intermediate point in the evolution between the first wild dogs and present domestic dogs. In fact, dingoes are not originally from Australia. Australia does, however, offer dingoes optimal conditions for development and survival. It is estimated that dingoes have lived on Australian soil for roughly 4000 years. Dingoes also hold a a large significance in the development of many now Australian dog breeds. If you would like to know more about Australian dingoes, we recommend reading our article where we discuss; Dingoes as pets.

Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures - 13. Australian Dingo

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Top 13 Australian Dog Breeds - With Pictures