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What is the Name of the Slinky Dog in Toy Story?

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By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. December 11, 2023
What is the Name of the Slinky Dog in Toy Story?
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The slinky dog from Toy Story is appropriately named Slinky, although he is often referred to by different nicknames. He is one of the most memorable characters, especially because he is based on a much loved classic children's toy also known as the Slinky Dog. The genius of Disney's Toy Story is that it not only imbues the characteristics of these toys into the characters in the story, but they create wonderfully realized characters of their own. For this reason, the slinky dog from Toy Story is more than just a springy dog. You can find out more with AnimalWised as we ask what is the name of the slinky dog in Toy Story?

  1. What is the slinky dog in Toy Story called?
  2. What kind of dog is Slinky from Toy Story?
  3. What is the slinky dog from Tory Story like?
  4. Who does the voice for Slinky Dog in Toy Story?

What is the slinky dog in Toy Story called?

The toy dog in Toy Story is called Slinky Dog, although we know him for short as Slinky or Slink. He is one of the most beloved characters in the animated franchise due to his comical appearance and funny nature.

Slinky Dog makes his first appearance in the original 1995 film Toy Story. In the plot, Slinky is one of the toys belonging to the character Andy who has a close relationship with Woody the cowboy. Slinky Dog has since been a recurring character in the subsequent Toy Story films, including Toy Story 2 (1999), Toy Story 3 (2010) and Toy Story 4 (2019), becoming a beloved member of the animated toy cast.

What is the Name of the Slinky Dog in Toy Story? - What is the slinky dog in Toy Story called?
Image: Disney Wiki

What kind of dog is Slinky from Toy Story?

The Toy Story dog, Slinky Dog, is a Dachshund breed, often also known as a wiener dog or a sausage dog. This breed of dog is characterized by its long, low body with short legs and floppy ears. In the case of Slinky Dog, its design reflects these distinctive characteristics of dachshunds or sausage dogs, but with a unique and animated touch that fits the imaginative world of Toy Story.

The sausage dog is the perfect dog breed for Slinky Dog. This is because the slinky mechanism is a famous toy which uses coiled metal to create a tubular shape which can extend to be very long. The Dachshund is a breed which has an elongated body which is like nature's equivalent of a slinky.

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What is the slinky dog from Tory Story like?

As we mentioned in the previous section, Slinky Dog has an elongated and low body, typical of the Dachshund breed and that we all know how to imagine. In addition, he also has the short legs of this breed of dog, which gives him an even more graceful appearance. His ears are droopy, but what is most striking is that it has a metallic and elastic spring in the center of its body that allows him to lengthen when he wants.

This is one of the most notable features of the Toy Story dog because it is what gives it the unique and iconic toy look. However, it is the personality of Slinky Dog which really shines through as the franchise progresses. In this way, we can say that Slinky Dog is:

  • Loyal: as with our own companion dogs, Slinky Dog is known for his loyalty and devotion to Woody. When Woody's actions and jealousy start to distance him from the rest of Andy's toys, this loyalty is tested, but Slinky always comes back to Woody when he is needed.

  • Fun: Slinky Dog is a toy, but he wants to play with others as much as be played with by Andy. He wants to be involved in the gang's activities and he relishes the chance to do something.

  • Optimistic: Slinky does not have the grumpy tendencies of Mr. Potato Head or the existential dread of Woody. He is generally a very positive and optimistic character. While not quite naive, we could say that he is a fairly simple fellow in terms of his outlook.

  • Loving: Slinky always wants what's best for the group and will do what he can to be a team player. This is not only out of loyalty, but genuine affection for his pals.

In addition to these traits, Slinky Dog shows an adventurous spirit as he joins in on missions and challenges along with other toys. If it wasn't for Slinky, the group maybe wouldn't have survived some of the many close calls seen throughout the films. Often he uses his ability to extend to great effect when rescuing Woody or others.

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What is the Name of the Slinky Dog in Toy Story? - What is the slinky dog from Tory Story like?

Who does the voice for Slinky Dog in Toy Story?

Slinky Dog was originally voiced by the actor Jim Varney in the first two Toy Story films. Varney was known for this famous character Ernest P. Worrell in the Earnest... film franchise, although he appeared in many other film and TV roles. He was known for his gravelly Southern drawl, a trait which was also used by Slinky the Dog himself.

Unfortunately, Varney died in 2000. This means he has to be replaced in the Toy Story films. The role was taken over by Blake Clark, a friend of Varney's who is also noted for his similarly raspy southern voice. He managed to create a similar voice characterization which maintained the spirit of Varney's original.

Slinky Dog not only appears in the main Toy Story feature films, but he has also appeared in numerous spinoffs and TV shows. One of the most notable isn't something you watch, but something you experience. This is because Slinky has been turned into a ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios. The Slinky Dog Dash is a rollercoaster ride which is for all the family. You can dash fast along the track, but it won't be too scary for young kids.

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What is the Name of the Slinky Dog in Toy Story?