What Is the Name of the Dog from The Simpsons?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. November 2, 2023
What Is the Name of the Dog from The Simpsons?
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The name of the family dog from The Simpsons is Santa's Little Helper. Despite being one of the longest running and most watch TV series in the world, it is easy to forget a character's name. This is especially so with a minor character like the family dog. However, this animal is sometimes the lynchpin of an episode's story and he has a very special importance for the history of the show. While he is the family dog, Santa's Little Helper has a particular bond with Bart, the only boy of the Simpson children. Since the Simpsons are supposed to be representative of the idea of a middle-class family in TV, the show often explores various tropes. The relationship between a boy and his beloved dog is one of them.

At AnimalWised, we find out more by asking what is the name of the family dog from The Simpsons? We discover more about the origin of this beloved canine character and what he means to the franchise.

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What is the family dog from The Simpsons called?

The name of the dog from The Simpson's is Santa's Little Helper. The origin of its name takes place in the episode Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire which is the first episode of the series. It aired on December 17, 1989 on the Fox TV network. This name reflects the way the dog was introduced to the Simpson family. By introducing the character of the family dog, we were all first introduced to the most famous yellow family in TV.

Now you know the name of the family dog from The Simpsons, you might want to know some other famous dog names with our related article.

What Is the Name of the Dog from The Simpsons? - What is the family dog from The Simpsons called?
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Why is he called Santa's Little Helper?

In the iconic world of The Simpsons, Santa's Little Helper was introduced to the Simpson family in the very first episode of the series. This episode is titled Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire. Originally aired on December 17, 1989, this episode not only marked the beginning of the show, but also set the stage for the heartwarming origin of the Simpson's dog's name.

The story of how Santa's Little Helper got his name is deeply rooted in the holiday season. The episode revolves around the Simpson family's preparations for Christmas. As the episode begins, the family is eagerly anticipating their Christmas bonus from Homer's employer, Mr. Burns, which they intend to use for holiday shopping. However, when they receive their bonus, it's far less than they expected, as Homer has to pay off a bill he initially overlooked.

With their Christmas funds depleted, Marge and Homer struggle to find a way to provide a memorable holiday for their children, Bart and Lisa. Meanwhile, outside the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, Bart and Homer discover a downtrodden and abandoned Greyhound at the dog racing track. Seeing this poor dog, Bart pleads with his father to adopt him and take him home. Homer initially resists, but eventually caves to the pleas of his son. They adopt the greyhound as the newest member of the Simpson family.

The name ‘Santa's Little Helper’ is a direct result of the episode's holiday theme. Bart suggests the name because the dog was rescued on Christmas, making him their little helper during the festive season. The name perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the episode and the dog's role in bringing joy to the Simpson family during a challenging Christmas.

This heartwarming and humorous episode not only introduces Santa's Little Helper, but also sets the tone for many of the beloved themes and character dynamics that have made The Simpsons a cherished part of popular culture. Santa's Little Helper's name, chosen in the spirit of the season, reflects the warmth and humor that have endeared him to fans for generations.

What Is the Name of the Dog from The Simpsons? - Why is he called Santa's Little Helper?
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What is the breed of the dog from The Simpsons?

As we can determine from his origin story, the breed of the family dog from The Simpsons is a Greyhound. As we already know, he was rescued from the dog track as he was being abandoned by his owner. He is depicted like a Greyhound with a lithe frame, slim legs and pointed snout. However, he is a cartoon dog and has a more animated face than the average Greyhound.

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What is the dog from The Simpsons like?

Santa's Little Helper is the lovable greyhound from The Simpsons with a character that emerges right from the beginning. However, the endearing characteristics for which he is known have developed throughout the series. Here are some of his most important traits:

  • Loyalty: Santa's Little Helper's unwavering loyalty to the Simpson family is one of his most defining characteristics. Despite his initial clumsiness and mishaps, he remains devoted to the family who adopted him.

  • Playfulness: the cartoon Greyhound exhibits boundless energy and playfulness. He often engages in playful antics with the Simpson children, particularly Bart. This playfulness contributes to his charm and likability.

  • Mishaps: Santa's Little Helper is known for getting into various comical mishaps and misadventures, which can lead to both laughter and chaos in the household. These misadventures are an integral part of his character development.

  • Intelligence: although portrayed as somewhat dimwitted in the early episodes, Santa's Little Helper's intelligence and problem-solving abilities develop as the series progresses. He often demonstrates surprising intelligence in critical situations.

  • Affection: he is affectionate and loving toward the Simpson family, showing his emotional attachment through his actions and interactions with them.

  • Protective: while Santa's Little Helper may not be an imposing guard dog, he has shown moments of protectiveness, particularly when his family is in danger. This protective instinct reveals the depth of his bond with the Simpsons.

  • Symbol of unity: throughout the series, Santa's Little Helper serves as a symbol of unity and companionship within the Simpson family. He brings them together, fostering moments of togetherness and love, especially in challenging times.

  • Endearing underdog: given his humble beginnings as an abandoned racing dog, the character's underdog status adds to his appeal. His journey from an overlooked Greyhound to a cherished family member is a heartwarming element of the series.

  • Emotional connection: Santa's Little Helper has a unique ability to evoke empathy and connection with the audience. His relatable qualities and relatable experiences resonate with viewers.

  • Growth and development: over the course of the series, Santa's Little Helper matures and develops, both in terms of his intelligence and his role within the family. This character growth adds depth to his portrayal.

Santa's Little Helper's evolution from an abandoned racing Greyhound to a beloved member of the Simpson family is a testament to the show's ability to infuse its characters with depth and humanity, making him a beloved and enduring figure in the world of animation.

What Is the Name of the Dog from The Simpsons? - What is the dog from The Simpsons like?
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Other names for Santa's Little Helper

Santa's Little Helper, the Simpson family dog, has been given alternative names in several episodes. Here are some of the names and the episodes where they were used:

Number 8

  • Episode: Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (Season 6, Episode 20)

  • Description: in this episode, Santa's Little Helper fathers a litter of puppies, leading to Mr. Burns briefly referring to him as ‘Number 8’. Mr. Burns, known for his wealth and eccentricity, simply assigns this numerical name to the dog, highlighting his impersonal nature.

Santos L. Halper

  • Episode: The Canine Mutiny (Season 8, Episode 20)

  • Description: In this episode, Bart temporarily renames Santa's Little Helper as ‘Santos L. Halper’ after losing the dog in a card game. This episode explores Bart's adventures with the dog's new owner, Mr. Burns, and the ensuing efforts to retrieve him.

No. 8 (again)

  • Episode: The Springfield Connection (Season 6, Episode 23)

  • Description: In this episode, Chief Wiggum briefly refers to Santa's Little Helper as ‘No. 8’, which once again references the dog's original racing number. This number-based name is used humorously in the context of the episode's story.


  • Episode: Two Dozen and One Greyhounds (Season 6, Episode 20)

  • Description: The Simpsons briefly rename Santa's Little Helper ‘Pokey’ before settling on his original name. In this episode, the family deals with the challenges and joys of raising a litter of Geyhound puppies, adding to the humor and charm of the series.

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What Is the Name of the Dog from The Simpsons?
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