Cat breeds with small ears are often thought to be different from their wild cat ancestors. However, there are wild cats with smaller ears as well, they may just be in a different proportion. Big cats like the lion and tiger have proportionately smaller ears than many domestic cats, even if they are obviously much larger animals. The appeal with small eared cats is that these small appendages can often give them a cute round face. If they are a cat breed with small ears and big eyes, they are often thought of as being particularly cute.
However, small eared cats need to have the same treatment and care as any other cat breed. They will need to be fed well and be provided with a safe and positive home environment. One aspect of their care we need to be particularly careful of is ensuring their ears are clean. If they have small ears (or even folded ears such as the Scottish fold), it can be hard to tell if there are bugs, parasites or infections, so make sure to attention to a cat's ears whether big or small.

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