Longhair cat breeds are some of the most sought after felines for those who want to buy a specific cat. Cat breeds like the Persian, the Maine Coon and the Turkish Angora were specifically developed to highlight their coat length and encourage longer fur in further generations. Not all longhair cats will be purebred. Thanks to longhair cat breeds mating with other breeds, it is more common than ever to find Longhair Domestic cats which are of mixed heritage.
Longhair on cats can come in any possible color and pattern, whether calico, orange tabby, grey, etc. These longhair cat breed files will help you know not only what cat breeds are known for their longhair, but what you can expect if you find one in your care. Brushing and coat maintenance are obvious ones, but we'll also tell you all about their personality and present fun facts about these longhair cat breeds.

19 breeds