Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: December 22, 2016
Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World

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There are many different types of hamsters, all with different attributes and qualities that make them unique pets. If you are thinking about adopting one of these small rodents, it is essential that you get informed beforehand so that you can find out which is best suited to you.

You need to know what you are looking for in your new pet: a fun and sociable friend, a small rodent you can look at, or even a pet you can teach tricks. Keep reading this AnimalWised article to learn all about the different hamster types and breeds around the world.

Roborovski hamsters

The Roborovski hamster is shy and independent. Although some are friendly and sweet, the truth is that many of them will try to escape from your hands when you try to catch them. This hamster needs a lot of confidence to get along well with you, and sometimes they are known to bite, but don't worry, it won't hurt you.

Roborovski hamsters come from Russia, China and Kazakhstan and are an ideal pet if you want to enjoy watching them run around the wheel. They are very small, barely reaching 5 centimeters (2 inches) when they reach adulthood.

Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World - Roborovski hamsters

Chinese hamsters

This hamster is a favorite among rodent lovers. Chinese hamsters are, of course, of Asian origin. Although we are showing you a brown one, they are more commonly grey.

Chinese hamsters are larger than Roborovski hamsters, measuring about 10 cm (4 inches) in length, and are generally very friendly and playful pets. They will enjoy coming out of the cage and scampering around the home with you. They may even have so much confidence in you that they will use your own body as a nest to sleep.

Their sweet and active character will win you over if you are looking for a small rodent you can spend time with enjoying games and treats.

Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World - Chinese hamsters

Golden hamsters

Golden hamsters come from Syria - they are also called Syrian hamsters - and are common pets in most countries. Surprisingly, in the wild they are a vulnerable species.

They are between 15 and 17 centimeters (6 inches) long, depending on the sex of the animal, and are beautiful, soft and furry. They are usually nice to those who feed them regularly, but before they need time to adapt.

They are ideal for children who are not too young, who want to enjoy playing with this hamster. This is because they are sociable and rarely bite.

Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World - Golden hamsters

Djungarian hamsters

Djungarian hamsters are an especially docile and sociable pet, recommended for slightly older children who want to have their first pet. They are not very big, measuring between 7 and 10 cm (3-4 inches) long. This means that you must be careful when interacting with them.

Interestingly, it is possible for them to hibernate, and this is when they sometimes shed their fur in as little as 16 hours and become completely white.

Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World - Djungarian hamsters

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Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World
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Hamster Types and Breeds Around the World

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