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The Ashera cat is undoubtedly a very popular cat, either due to their slender and beautiful figure, their quiet and silent character or the exorbitant price of those who created them. Indeed, the Ashera cat is a feline developed in an American laboratory, a hybrid between different species.

In this AnimalWised breed file we will give you some details about their origin, their physical appearance or their character, which is totally meek and docile. You will find everything you need to know about the Ashera cat below. Don't forget to check out the end of the article to discover amazing images of this amazing feline:

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  1. Origin of the ashera
  2. The Ashera's physical traits
  3. The Ashera's character
  4. Ashera cat care
  5. Ashera cat health

Origin of the ashera

The Ashera cat is a direct descendant of the Asian leopard, the African serval and the common domestic cat. It was developed at the beginning of the 21st century through genetic manipulation in the United States, specifically by the Lifestyle Pets laboratory.

After a few generations of testing, they were able to develop the current Ashera cat, a unique hybrid. However, you should know that the breed is still under observation.

The Ashera's physical traits

The Ashera cat is larger than a conventional cat: they can reach a height of one and a half meters (4.9 ft) and weigh between 12 and 15 kilograms (26 and 33lbs): it is a really big cat. Their physical traits are strong and robust, beautiful in appearance and movement. If we want to adopt an Ashera cat we must be very clear about the adult size they will reach. For orientation, it is similar to that of a medium-sized or large dog. The eyes are usually green or honey-colored.

On the other hand we must highlight the four types of ashera cat that currently exist:

  • Common Ashera cat: It is the main type of ashera that was developed. They stand out due to their cream color and distinctive brown spots.
  • Hypoallergenic Ashera Cat: Their appearance is exactly identical to the aforementioned. They only differ in having fur that does not produce allergies.
  • Snow Ashera Cat: This variety of Ashera cat is known as "white ashera" because their body is manily white with patches of intense amber.
  • Royal Ashera Cat: This variant is the least known and also the most rare and "exclusive". They can be cream-colored with spots or black and orange stripes. Of course, their appearance is much more intense and peculiar.

The Ashera's character

Many people discovering the sheer size of the Ashera cat often ask the same question: Is the Ashera a dangerous cat? Well, the truth is that despite their eccentric appearance, the Ashera cat has a calm and quiet character.

They enjoy letting other people stroke them and create strong bonds with their relatives, but at the same time this is a cat that can be left alone without any problem, they are not particularly attached. Offering regular interactions in your cat's kitten stage will be fundamental for your adult to be comfortable and used to us.

Ashera cat care

The Lifestyle Pets laboratory is the only place where you can adopt an ashera cat because they are sterile felines: they cannot reproduce. They themselves are in charge of the implantation of a chip and guarantee the vaccination of this big feline for a year. These laboratories charge between $17,000 and $96,000 for each specimen, depending on the type of ashera cat.

Not much care is needed for the ashera cat. It is enough to brush their coat from time to time for them to be lustrous and clean.

A good diet will also have an impact on a beautiful coat and on the optimal health of our ashera. In addition to toys, intelligent games and scratching posts, it will be essential for the animal to be happy and feel stimulated inside the home.

For more information, take a look at our article on caring for an Ashera.

Ashera cat health

There are currently no specific common diseases that affect this beautiful specimen. Their short existence and lifespan does not give us any more information about the diseases and ailments they may suffer from.

At the end of this breed you will find beautiful images of the ashera cat so that you know what it is like and how it looks like its beautiful coat.

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