Cats have a reputation for being lazy and, sometimes, it is hard to deny. They often like to lay down and enjoy themselves. Just don't act like you would do any differently if you had the chance. However, not all cats are calm. Some are very active and they find it difficult to chill and be quiet for long periods of time. Sometimes, the breed of the cat will have a bearing on this aspect of their personality. Some breeds like the Bengal, the Maine Coon or Persian cats are noted for being calm (or sometimes just lazy).
However, just because a cat is calm, doesn't mean they won't need plenty of stimulation, both mental and physical. The calmest cat breeds are often the ones who will methodically carry out intelligence games, know how to get your attention most efficiently and will need the most attention form their owners. Physical characteristics have little to do with whether a cat breed will be calm. They might be large and fluffy, or short and cute. Calm cats often make good indoor pets, but it doesn't mean they are quiet. It is perfectly possible to have a talkative calm cat.

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