TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. December 20, 2017
TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World

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If you are thinking about adopting a dog, you will surely have some specific characteristics in mind that you want them to fulfill. These include size, character or physical ability.

In this AnimalWised article we are going to present our list of top 20 most elegant dog breeds in the world so that you can orient your search and find the perfect dog for you.

Remember that although we suggest dog breeds there are many mongrel or mixed-breed dogs that can be equally elegant, and most importantly, good companions and faithful friends. Adopting should always be the first choice, don't forget!

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1. Maltese

The first dog breed on the list is a small, playful and homely dog: the Maltese can develop a really long and spectacular coat if we allow them to, something that makes them one of the most elegant and popular dogs in beauty contests.

You will have to take care of their coat and exercise them properly when they need it because they are dogs with an overflowing energy that you will certainly enjoy.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 1. Maltese

2. Afghan Hound

Also known as the Afghan Greyhound, they are one of the most elegant dog breeds in the world: they have a long and silky coat that must be taken care of regularly but undoubtedly impacts everyone that sees them.Their movements also give off this innate elegance and grace that characterizes them.

Their character is highly nobel and distinguished, even at lunchtime, so don't be surprised if they choose the best places in your house to settle down and don't obey people outside their family nucleus. They are also excellent runners, so if you are a sportsman, the Afghan greyhound will be your ideal dog.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 2. Afghan Hound

3. Chihuahua

Although the Chihuahua is not a particularly stylized dog, it is certainly one of the favorite dogs for celebrities. Their adorable face and small size make them perfect to carry around, decorate them with jewelry and even put clothes for small dogs. However, you should beware of their size and make sure they are within official standards, remember teacup dogs are born into a miserable life due to birth defects and psychological issues.

In addition, their defiant character with larger dogs and their need for attention will make them the king of the house. Some of the celebrities who have a Chihuahua are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johanson or Jennifer Love Hewitt.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 3. Chihuahua

4. Irish Setter

The Irish setter is one of the most elegant dog breeds par excellence: their gait, movement and the delicacy with which it acts give it a distinguished poise. In the past, the English setter was a dog used for hunting thanks to their speed, discretion and intelligence.

The intense red color is totally characteristic of the breed as well as their extremely soft and delicate coat. If you decide to adopt this wonderful dog you will be surprised to know they have an affable and sensitive character.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 4. Irish Setter

5. Poodle

The poodle deserves to enter the list of most elegant dog breeds. They also offer us a great possibility of curious and eccentric haircuts that will stand out without a doubt when you walk along your street.

However, keep in mind that this is a restless dog that will need daily exercise, perhaps because of their past as a water dog. Poodles are available in three sizes: standard, dwarf and toy.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 5. Poodle

6. Rough collie

Known for the popular TV movie Lassie, the rough collie is a kind dog that through a good socialization during their puppy stage are usually very affectionate with adults, children and other pets.They will need regular care of their fur due to its length if we decide to go with them for walks in the forest to play.

They are also excellent grazing and surveillance dogs although their main attribute is the predisposition to remain close to the family nucleus. If we decide to adopt this dog breed we will enjoy a noble and elegant companion for life.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 6. Rough collie

7. Weimaraner

The stately appearance and elegance of the Weimaraner makes them one of the most outstanding dogs on this list. They stand out for their pearl grey color but can also have sand tones.

Their past as a hunting dog gives them speed in their movement, energy and innate skills as well as a great ability to track: they are very intelligent dogs. The Weimaraner is a perfect dog for those who want to exercise with their pet.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 7. Weimaraner

8. Cavalier king Charles spaniel

Starting with their name, the cavalier king Charles spaniel is a very elegant dog that we will enjoy you stroking them very much due to their soft and delicate fur.

In addition to having a sweet face and a very friendly behavior we will find that the cavalier king Charles spaniel is a very sweet and quiet companion dog that combines perfectly with a relaxed lifestyle.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 8. Cavalier king Charles spaniel

9. Dalmatian

The Dalmatian is another popular dog thanks to their appearance in 101 Dalmatians. In the past they were used to accompany carriages, so we should not be surprised by their endurance, agility and ability to exercise actively.

Inside the home, the Dalmatian is a quiet dog as long as we provide them with the amount of exercise they need, of course. Their slender figure and peculiar coat make them worthy entries to this list, don't you think?

entrar en esta lista, ¿no crees?

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 9. Dalmatian

10. Papillon

The papillon or "butterfly dog" stands out for having big, soft and hairy ears. Formerly, in France, they were the dog preferred by nobility, perhaps because of their delicate appearance and small size.

They are very outgoing and affectionate, and if we decide to adopt one we will find an authentic star of the catwalk in them, because they enjoy it enormously when people pay attention to them.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 10. Papillon

11. Greyhound

The Greyhound is really popular for being one of the fastest dogs in the world as well as for their use in hunting. They are really fast, skillful and graceful in their movements. Sadly, this is one of the most abandoned dogs once the hunting season is over.

That's why if you think that a silent, elegant and beautiful dog is yours you will have no problem finding one for adoption. There are many rescue organizations, especially in Europe, where you will find this fantastic breed.

However, remember that abandoned greyhounds usually show fear and a generally frightening attitude. However, if you choose this slender friend you will find a very faithful and loving dog.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 11. Greyhound

12. Canary Warren Hounds

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 12. Canary Warren Hounds

13. Doberman

Despite the image that many people have of them Dobermans are a very intelligent and good dog that does not leave anyone indifferent. They are one of the dogs considered "potentially dangerous" but do not be deceived by this: they are tremendously faithful and kind if you educate them as they deserve.

They are really elegant, determined and brave. That's why if you think that a Doberman can be your ideal dog, don't hesitate: discard the stereotypes that surround them to enjoy a truly devoted dog that is dedicated to their family.

However, the Doberman should be able to enjoy active exercise, proper socialization and should never be abused. Using physical violence is the main reason why many of these dogs become unstable and depressive.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 13. Doberman

14. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian is a dog of small size, very cheerful and lively that will bring light and fun to our home. We must provide them with an adequate education based on obedience and positive reinforcement, otherwise we may encounter an overly nervous dog.

If we decide to adopt a Pomeranian we must be very clear that just like the Doberman, they are dogs that do not tolerate physical abuse. In the face of an abuse they can become a distrustful dog and somewhat aggressive. Besides, even if it doesn't look like it, the Pomeranian is an excellent watchdog, which can overwhelm us if we don't like noisy and scandalous dogs. Keep that in mind before you adopt them!

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 14. Pomeranian

15. Saluki

The saluki is one of the oldest and most revered dogs in the world, father of the fastest dogs in the world as is the Afghan greyhound, which we talked about in point number 2. Legend has it that they were a gift from Al-là and perhaps for that reason they are very popular dogs in the Middle East.

They can be cream, chestnut and even black, although they always have the same elegant and refined appearance that makes them unmistakable. It may also be due to their long history that the saluki is usually a very stable, calm and obedient dog.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 15. Saluki

16. English Cocker spaniel

The English cocker spaniel is a small/medium sized dog that began to become popular among the English aristocracy although the real boom was their appearance due to the literature of Chaucer and Shakespeare.

They are a very familiar dog who hates being alone. At the same time they are very intelligent, athletic and resistant to active exercise, something essential to prevent the obesity problems that this breed tends to suffer form. Like all other dogs, the English cocker spaniel is a good companion for children, adults and other pets if we offer a good socialization. They like the calmness, relax and comfort of a good bed, they are dogs that enjoy the most eccentric care.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 16. English Cocker spaniel

17. Siberian Husky

Although they may seem somewhat muscular, the Siberian husky is undoubtedly a very elegant dog, not only because of their delicate wolf-like appearance, their movements are graceful and their smooth and spongy coat makes them so.

Although they need to be exercised properly, a husky is a dog that is usually calm and relaxed inside the home. If you have other dogs in your home do not hesitate to choose a husky, they are excellent herd dogs.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 17. Siberian Husky

18. Shar pei

If you've never had a dog before but you've had cats, the shar pei may be a good choice for you. These are independent dogs of calm and serene behavior.

The shar pei is undoubtedly an elegant dog of extremely soft and pleasant touch. Unlike their behavior with the family, which is usually affectionate and gentle, they are indifferent to people outside their family. As with other breeds they are especially sensitive to physical abuse so we must always use positive reinforcement.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 18. Shar pei

19. Shiba inu

The shiba inu is one of the oldest Japanese dog breeds that exist. Their tiny size and adorable look make them increasingly popular and familiar. They are very restless dogs that require someone with some experience in basic training although with the positive reinforcement we will achieve good results.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 19. Shiba inu

20. Beagle

To finish the list of most elegant dog breeds, we'd like to mention the beagle, a medium-sized dog with an enviable figure: they are proportionate and beautiful. Their past as a hunting dog makes them be very active so they are suitable for people who have a complementary pace of life.

They love to play and enjoy children so if we have a child, beagle is a good option. However, you will have to make an effort in their education and socialization so that they respond adequately to play with the youngest.

TOP 20 Elegant Dog Breeds in the World - 20. Beagle

If you still haven't found the perfect dog for you, we suggest you continue browsing the AnimalWised site and get to know, for example, the smartest dog breeds.

Remember that in many shelters you'll find specific breeds (and mongrels) that are very elegant dogs that have been abandoned by irresponsible people. We encourage you to look for your new best friend in one of these places to stop promoting the buying and selling of living beings. Besides, an adopted dog will thank you all their life for rescuing them. Don't buy, adopt!

Also, if you know an elegant dog breed that we have not included do not hesitate to tell us, other users will thank you.

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