Border Collie Facts

By Ameera Mills. Updated: January 17, 2019
Border Collie Facts

Animal file: Border Collie

The Border Collie dog breed is the most intelligent dog in the world. But this is not the only interesting fact about Border Collies. These dogs are intelligent, have different colored eyes and are often confused with Australian Shepherds. Border Collies have multiple qualities that make them extremely versatile dogs that stand out for their character, loyalty and predisposition for training among others.

Do you love Border Collie dogs and want to find out ore about them? Well then, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to find out about our top 10 Border Collie facts.

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1. Is the Border Collie the most intelligent dog in the world?

Yes, the Border Collie is the most intelligent dog in the world! According to psychologist Stanley Coren, they are! In his book The Intelligence of Dogs (1994), he claims that Border Collies are the most intelligent dog breeds in the world and there is proof behind this.

The global ranking of canine intelligence is based on three points:

  1. Instinctive intelligence.
  2. Adaptive intelligence.
  3. Intelligence of work and obedience.

The most intelligent breeds can associate and develop an order with less than 5 repetitions and, generally, always obey the first request. After several studies, Stanley Coren proved that the Border Collie was the most intelligent dog in the world. If you want to know more about this intelligence ranking, do not hesitate to consult our list of the most intelligent dogs according to Stanley Coren.

Have you heard about Chaser the Border Collie who is able to identify and interact with 1,022 different toys? If not, take a look at this video below:

2. How much exercise does a Border Collie need?

Border Collies are incredibly active dogs and require A LOT of exercise. If they are not provided with enough walks or physical exercise they an suffer from serious behavioral problems such as; destructiveness, hyperactivity, anxiety and excessive vocalization.

Ideally, these dogs require about four daily walks with a combination of socialization and games. In addition, do not forget about mental stimulation which can be practiced through obedience, canine abilities and games.

If you need some ideas for dog games, take a look at our article where we list some dog intelligence games.

Border Collie Facts - 2. How much exercise does a Border Collie need?

3. Border Collie: history

Although we do not know the true origins of the Border Collie, we do know that it is a very old dog breed. In fact, this dog breed was developed in the British Isles between 5th century BC and 1 BC.

The word "collie" means "useful" in Gaelic, suggesting that the border collie was used to perform certain functions, most likely grazing. On the other hand, the term "border" comes from "Borders", making reference to specifically to the border between England and Scotland dating from the seventeenth century.

However, the Border Collie was not recognized internationally until 1976.

Border Collie Facts - 3. Border Collie: history

4. Border Collie: sheepdog

As we've already mentioned in the introduction, the Border Collie has many qualities. Among these incredible qualities is the Border Collie's ability to graze. Border Collies were first known as shepherd dogs. Thanks to this dog breed, the flock was guided, protected and controlled.

While the Border Collie has a natural guiding instinct, it is a technique that needs to be taught through education and training. If your Border Collie is not trained, do not let it guide, as it could accidentally hurt itself or the flock.

For more about shepherd dogs, have a look at our article where we discuss the different types of shepherd dogs.

Border Collie Facts - 4. Border Collie: sheepdog

5. Border Collie: guardog

Here at AnimalWised we are not in favor of using dogs or any other animal as tools or object. However, we cannot ignore the active and alert nature of Border Collies, making them fantastic guard dogs. By guard dogs we are not referring to attack and defense, but rather of patrolling and warning.

For more, scan over our article about the 10 best guardian dogs.

Border Collie Facts - 5. Border Collie: guardog

6. The Border Collie vs Australian shepherd

The Border Collie is commonly confused with the Australian Shepherd dog. Since both the Border Collie and the Australian Shepherd are herding dogs with a strong physical resemblance, it is not surprising that they often get mixed-up. The Border Collie is in fact a direct ancestor of the Australian shepherd. We can differentiate these two dogs breed by their ears, which are usually erect or semi-erect in the case of the Border Collie. Likewise, the Australian sheep herder does not have as much color variety when it comes to its coat.

Discover more about the difference in our article the differences between Border Collies and Australian shepherds.

Border Collie Facts - 6. The Border Collie vs Australian shepherd

7. Border Collie: eye color

Heterochromia in dogs is a genetic difference that dogs, cats and even people can experience. This causes the color of the eyes to be different and is a hereditary phenomenon. Border Collie dogs can be born with one eye which is blue and another eye which is brown. Border Collies can also carry the albanism gene, which appears in the form of white spots around the eyes.

For more about this interesting two eye colored phenomenon, take a look at our article where we discuss what dog breeds can have two different colored eyes.

Border Collie Facts - 7. Border Collie: eye color

8. Border Collie: color

Border collies can have bicolor, tricolor, white, black, gray mantles. This dog breed can also develop short hair or long hair, as well as these already mentioned multiple colors. In addition, Border Collies carry a dense inner coat layer that allows them to maintain body temperature in colder climates. Whether your Border Collie has long or short hair, they all tend to be extremely beautiful.

Border Collie Facts - 8. Border Collie: color

9. Border Collie: temperament

This may seem obvious, since all dogs are faithful, however, the Border Collie dog breed is known for being extremely loyal to its keepers. In addition, they tend to be extremely sensitive to their owners feelings. However, they can be reserved and shy with strangers.

Do you want to adopt a Border Collie, take a look at how to care for a Border Collie dog here!

Border Collie Facts - 9. Border Collie: temperament

10. Border Collie: for children

The Border Collie is an ideal dog for children. In addition, they are obedient, organized and tireless dogs.

If you have just adopted a Border Collie and are looking for the perfect name for it, take a look at our video below!

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I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure the picture for number 8 is not a border collie, but an Australian Shepherd.
Administrador AnimalWised

One is a Border Collie and the other is an Australian Shepherd, can you tell which one?
I believe that the one on the right is an Australian shepherd, because of its tan colors which are not known in border collies, but the one on the right doesn't seem to resemble a border collie either, because of its spots and long, thin face. Once again, I am not an expert, and I definitely may be wrong.
Administrador AnimalWised

The dog on the right is actually a Border Collie. They can have tan on their coat, it is not at all uncommon. You can also tell by the ears, as Border Collies generally have ears which stand up. Both have long snouts and do resemble each other quite closely.
Thank you for looking over that and I apologize for the inconvenience
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