Short haired dogs come in all sorts of sizes, from medium or mid-sized shorthair dogs to small and cute little puppies. Whatever their size, some people think that short hair on a dog means they don't need to be cared for as much as dogs with longer fur. This is not the case. Short haired dogs still need to be brushed and will shed when the seasons change. Also, whatever the length of a dog's fur, ensuring their skin is healthy is also a big factor.
Whether the dog's hair is short and curly or even wavy or coarse, brushing regularly is very important. In these breed files, we'll discuss the characteristics and care considerations you need to make. The type of brush is important, but you will see that these short haired dogs have such a wide range of personalities. Some make incredible guard dogs, others are absolute sweethearts who are more likely to lick someone to death than attack.

46 breeds