Some ill-informed people might think that the term affectionate cat breeds is an oxymoron, but there are many cats who crave love and affection from their human companions. They may be extroverted or they may prefer the company of family. Some are quite active and will be extremely affectionate with as much enthusiasm as they chase a fly or mouse. Others will be quite sedentary cats who love nothing better than to lay back on their human friend's lap and be petted all day.
Affectionate cats do need human friends who are able to reciprocate this affection. Some cat owners enjoy having a cat in their life which comes and goes as they please, working well with their own laid back lifestyle. You can get affectionate cat breeds which are similarly laid back, but they will need attention. If we don't give them the love, care and affection they desire, they will feel stunted and can be bad for their development. Reading these files on the most affectionate cat breeds can help you to know if you are right for them.

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